Touching Women Who Give Birth To… Grandsons

1. The woman who gave birth to her grandchild

Ms. Linda, 49 years old, was a surrogate and gave birth to her grandchild

Ms. Linda Sirois Madawaska (49 years old) from Massachusetts, USA was surrogate daughter, Angel Hebert. Angel was born with a congenital heart disease, so she was unable to give birth. Ms. Linda said it took her many years to convince Angel and Brian to let her have artificial insemination to carry her daughter’s grandchild.
Baby boy Madden was born healthy

Ms. Linda is almost 50 years old, if she becomes pregnant, there will be complications. Therefore, the Reprodcutive Science Center in Lexington, Massachusetts forced her to comply with strict conditions to be able to give birth to Angel.
Miss Angel (right) can’t have children because of congenital heart disease

In the summer of 2011, Angel and Brian’s eggs and sperm were implanted in Linda’s uterus. Finally, Ms. Linda gave birth to her grandson on August 13, 2012. The healthy, 3.6kg boy was named Madden.
2. Grandmother gave birth to… grandson
Mrs. Angie Stockton was pregnant for her daughter and gave birth to a beautiful grandchild.

After artificial insemination, Mrs. Angie Stockton (45 years old) living in Georgia, USA was surrogate for Krista Saxon, her daughter.
Tucker boy

On October 14, 2012, Mrs. Angie Stockton gave birth to a beautiful and healthy grandson Tucker weighing 3.5 kg. Tucker became the first child in the state of Georgia and the fourth child in the United States to be born to a grandmother.
Brother Trent Saxon and Sister Krista, Tucker .’s parents

Mrs Stockton said: ‘It was amazing that after 26 years, I was able to get pregnant again. It’s strange to be able to experience the emotions of pregnancy.” 
3. 58-year-old mother is surrogate for her daughter

Even though she is 58 years old, Mrs. Donnelly still volunteered to be a surrogate for her daughter

Despite her age and health, at the end of 2012, Mrs. Cathy Donnelly (58 years old) living in Ontario, Canada was pregnant for her daughter. It is known that Fischer – her daughter and husband – Jamie have been trying for two years but they cannot have children because Fischer had previously had a hysterectomy. When she heard about it, Mrs. Donnelly decided to carry out her daughter’s surrogate.
Michael Murray, a fertility specialist from Northern California Hospital, said that women over 45 are often not healthy enough for childbirth. Pregnancy for older women is fraught with risks. The most obvious risks are high blood pressure, diabetes and preterm birth.”
But Mrs. Donnelly took all of those risks even though she knew that getting pregnant wasn’t easy. Sister Fischer named her daughter Zoey Hope Catherine after her mother gave birth.

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