Twin Boys Born More Than A Month Apart

Baby Carl is 5 weeks older than his twin brother David. Twin boys were born in a rare birth. Their father, David Cowan, is a doctor who works in the emergency room. He and his wife, Elene, live in Saudi Arabia but want their child to be born in the United States. So they flew to Kansas City for Elene to give birth when she was 23 weeks pregnant. 

Twin brothers David and Carl (right)

Two boys born 39 days apart

Hours after the plane landed, Elene had complications. Doctors say that the amniotic sac holding baby Carl has swelled and Elene is in labor. Elene gave birth to her first son – baby Carl when he was nearly 24 weeks old and weighed 450g. Elene shared: “This is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I think my baby will die.” Carl is so small that Elene’s ring fits on his wrist. 
Carl was so small when he was born that his mother’s ring fit his wrist

After Elene gave birth to Carl, 39 days later, new baby David was born. David weighs 2.9kg. 4 months have passed, now both boys are home with their mother. Carl still needs oxygen, but both babies are growing well. The father of two children has returned to Saudi Arabia to work. When the two boys are old enough to fly, they will be taken to Saudi Arabia by their mother. 
Sister Elene Cowan and two children

Their father, David Cowan, is a doctor working in Saudi Arabia.

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