Twins and triplets “each with a different father”

Normally, a woman’s body releases one egg per month, but there are some cases, though very rare, 2 or even 3 eggs. 

The sperm of two men were fertilized at the same time.
If a woman has sex with two or more different men during ovulation, there is a chance that the same sperm will fertilize two or three eggs, and the woman will have twins. – multiple pregnancy with many people.
However, a few cases of twins – triplets without the same father are due to artificial insemination. In many cases, the husband’s sperm is weak or for some reason, the doctor will combine both the husband’s sperm and the donor’s sperm at the same time. Twins – multiple births in this case are also biologically from the same mother.
1. A father in Hoa Binh decided to take his twin daughters for a DNA test when he discovered that his two daughters were not the same.
The father took his son to the testing center, the test results showed that only one child was his son, the other child had up to 9 genes that were different from the father’s genes. Normally, just 2 genes are wrong to be able to conclude that it is not a father and son.

Two fraternal twins. Illustration.

2. Mr. Zhou Gang, a businessman in Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province (China) is happy to welcome twin boys in September 2014. However, the twins have different faces. The older baby has double eyelids while the younger baby has monolids just like Zhou and his mother. 
Mr. Zhou decided to take a blood relationship test with his two children, and it turned out that the smaller boy was his son, and the other was not. Thus, two twins have the same mother but different father.
Zhou admitted that the mother of the twins was not his wife and that the mistress had betrayed him.

The boy is the husband’s child and the girl (right) is the lover’s child.
3. A Polish woman, 28 years old, although married, still secretly has sex with her lover. During an unwanted pregnancy, she gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl. When this family broke up, the woman applied to the court to divorce her husband to live with her lover.

A pair of fraternal twins. 
Because she did not want to provide monthly support for her two children because of suspicion that the twins were not her children, the husband suggested DNA testing. As a result, the two children have the same mother but different father. The boy is the son of the husband, the girl is the child of the lover. 
4. At the end of 2015, Mr. Zhang’s wife (China) gave birth to three sons at the same time, but Mr. Truong felt more connected with the second child, the other two children did not have the same features as their father. While he and his wife both have straight noses, the first and third babies have flat and coarse noses. 
The unexpected wife gave birth to triplets of 3 men, including her husband. (illustration)

He and his wife decided to have a DNA test, the result was that only the second child shared his bloodline, the other two belonged to two other bloodlines.
It turned out that while Mr. Zhang was often away on business trips, his wife searched for young men online to satisfy her need. The wife herself did not expect that she had given birth to 3 sons by 3 different men.
5. A woman named Mia in New Jersey (USA) gave birth to twin girls and had to be a single mother. Having trouble taking care of her children, she sued the court to ask her nearest boyfriend to support child support. However, this man who protested he was not the only one who had an affair with her.

Miss Mia and the twins of two fathers.
A DNA test showed that the man being sued was only the father of one of the two children. The woman was shocked, and confessed to having sex with two men a week before conception.
6. A wife in Istanbul, Turkey also revealed adultery because the older the twins, the more different they are. The husband took the child for a DNA test, and the results showed that only one baby was his, and the other was someone else’s that only his wife knew.
Twin babies have two different fathers. (Illustration)

The husband kicked his lover’s wife and child out of the house. The wife had to live in a refugee camp, because even her biological parents were not welcoming. The reason was because she had an affair with a married man from 6 years ago.
Her biological parents knew this and forced her to marry her current husband. However, she continued to have a relationship with the person she loved… So two children who did not share the same father were born.

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