Unknowingly Pregnant: Woman’s Unexpected Birth Leaves Her and Others in Shock

For many women, giving birth is one of the most challenging and transformative experiences of their lives. But for one woman, the experience was even more unexpected than usual – because she didn’t even know she was pregnant.

After years of trying to get pregnant but failed, the 37-year-old woman from Delaware, USA finally gave birth to a baby without knowing it.

Specifically, in August, Carla Collazo was in the toilet when she encountered severe back pain, she called her sister-in-law for help. Alexandra Santos said she asked her sister-in-law to open her legs to see what was happening and when they saw the scene, they were both shocked because Carla was giving birth to a baby girl.
“Everything happened so fast, everything just happened. Minutes later we had a baby!! It was a baby girl!”, Ms. Alexandra wrote.
“I’d been trying for years, nothing came out of it so I was like I am 37 now it is what it is,” Carla Collazo told FOX 29’s Joyce Evans.

This woman did not know she was pregnant until the baby was born.

“It happened so fast everything just came out so now she has a placenta in her hand and I have a baby in my hand. She’s freaking out. I’m telling her that we have a baby. We have to save her,” Santos explained.
Dramatic photos and videos show a preemie baby girl, who weighed a little more than two pounds. The baby was delivered in the toilet on Aug. 25 and no one knew, especially the mom that she was pregnant.
Carla and her daughter

“I was just in shock—just in shock,” Collazo said.
On that Sunday morning, her stomach and back hurt something fierce. Her sister-in-law Santos was about to take her to the emergency room, but Collazo hit the bathroom first. She began to scream and Santos ran in to help.
Paramedics directed her over the phone what to do next. She grabbed a shoestring as directed.
“I tied it on the umbilical cord as tight as I could,” Santos said. “She was just so precious. She was looking at me and I was looking in her eyes.”
The miracle baby was named Amoura Rose. She was taken to Christiana Hospital.
“I just knew how much she cried and prayed for something like that,” Santos said.
Amoura is thriving in the hospital and is expected to head home soon.
Talking about that moment, Carla Collazo did not know what to say because she was too shocked. It is known that doctors once diagnosed her with difficulty conceiving due to a rare polycystic ovary syndrome, which makes irregular periods and makes it difficult to get pregnant. For years, Carla tried to have children but failed.
The fact that the baby girl Amora Rose came to her is indeed a miracle because during the pregnancy, Carla did not know anything, the weight did not change, even 3 times the test results were negative. , no sign of fetus. Now she has returned to work and is preparing everything to bring her daughter home.

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