Unprecedented Medical Marvel: Baby Stuns Doctors by Growing Extra Head in Abdomen

Amlekha Bairva (22 years old) – the mother of this baby, gave birth last month at a small local hospital. Soon after, she was transferred to JK Lone Hospital, Jaipur, Northern Rajasthan state for further diagnosis.
It is known that this newborn is a girl and has yet to be named. When she was born, she weighed only about 2kg with another head on top of her stomach.
Currently, the baby is being closely observed at the Newborn Care Center at the hospital. Doctors hope to be able to operate to separate the head from the abdomen as soon as the baby’s health condition stabilizes.
Dr. Chetan Sharma, the pediatric surgeon at JK Lone hospital who will be in charge of the surgery, hopes that the operation will be a success.
“This is a case called Hetropagus, commonly known as the ‘parasitic twin’,” he said. Such cases have been successfully operated so far.”
He added: “This baby is a healthy baby with a normal heart rate. Your baby doesn’t have any extra complications inside or outside of her body and this increases her chances of survival. We are confident that the surgery will be successful and that the baby will have a normal life unaffected in the future.”
Amlekha and her husband, Ramji Lal Bairva (29 years old), also have a 5-year-old son together. They are too poor to perform ultrasound during pregnancy, so they cannot have fetal complications in time.
Ramji Lal shared: “I couldn’t take my wife to the antenatal care clinic because we couldn’t afford it. Our first child was born in a normal condition, so I never thought of any complications in the second child. When I saw my daughter, I couldn’t believe my eyes. However, I have faith in God. I hope the surgery will be successful and my baby will have a healthy life like any other child.”
Fortunately, the hospital has confirmed it will not take any surgery and medical treatment from the family.

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