23 Cool Sculptures You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

#1 Creative mind at the word

Creative mind at the word

Bruno Catalino is the creative mind behind the travellers which shows people with a suitcase in their hands, but their insides are missing. He was depicting that they were going travelling to rediscover themselves.

#2 The Fountain of Youth

The Fountain of Youth

The magic tap is a moving sculpture found in Spain and it has an endless supply of water running from it. It also appears as if it’s just floating but there is actually a pipe hiding in the flow of water that supports the entire structure.

#3 Imagination has no limit

Imagination has no limit

This is not something to be worried about. It’s known as the sinking building. And do you find it outside the State Library in Melbourne? It’s meant to indicate the weight of the books being so severe, it’s sunk the library.

#4 FaceTime


This is actually the image of a well-known Romanian poet named Mihai Eminescu, who was born in 1850. If you view it at the right times during the day, it will sometimes look like it’s painted on the cloud.

#5 The Cinderella effect

The Cinderella effect

Hungary is where you will find The Shoes, there are on the Danube Bank in Budapest. It was the idea of Can Togay, a film director and sculpted by Gyula Pauer – and was placed there to honour the Jews who were killed in WW2. Fascist Arrow Cross Militiamen told them to remove their shoes, and they were shot at the water’s edge.

#6 The world in her hands

The world in her hands

This is a series of sculptures called Force of Nature, created by Lorenzo Quinn. There are several of these statures around the globe, and they all depict women holding the earth in some way. You can find them in the US, UK, Singapore and Monaco.

#7 Relaxing in the tub

Relaxing in the tub

That is literally the biggest bath in the world, and work is called The Bather, or Die Badende in German. Artist, Oliver Voss, created this sculptor using foam and steel, and it was 13 feet high and about 99 feet long. It was in the Binnenalster Lake in Hamburg for 10 days.

#8 Breaking through passing through walls

Breaking through passing through walls

Is a statue found in Paris, which is based upon a character written by Marcel aim, the character realises that he can walk through walls so begins the life of crime and adultery during his last escapade, the magic stops and he gets trapped inside the wall.
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