23 Fun and Creative Coffee Mug Organization Ideas

Whether you’re using them for tea or coffee, hot cocoa or chai, or maybe just your favorite mug cake, chances are you’ve got more than a few mugs floating around your kitchen. Maybe they’re taking up space in your cupboards or cluttering the counters, but wherever they end up, these notorious little space hogs are difficult to store. With a little ingenuity, though, you can create storage solutions that are both functional and decorative.
If you’re looking to make more of a statement with your storage solution, choose coffee mug holders that match your kitchen’s decor style. You can create a homey, cottage chic look by incorporating reclaimed wood floating shelves or opt for an industrial look by using black pipe and heavy-duty S-hooks to hang your mugs. Ready to reorganize? Fire up your coffee maker and check out these 23 coffee mug organization ideas!

1. Hand-lettered Wall Sign with Storage Hooks

2. Industrial Countertop Mug Organizer

3. Wall-mounted Pipes with Mug Hooks and Storage Caddies

4. DIY Mug Cubby Shelves

5. Reclaimed Wood Mug Hanger with Rustic Hooks

6. A-frame Mug Shelves

7. Coffee Command Station with Chalkboard Accents

8. Oversized Rustic Wall Rack for Mugs

9. Pun-tastic Wineglass and Coffee Mug Storage

10. Repurposed Wire Spool Mug Rack

11. Easy and Artful Pegboard Mug Hanger

12. Modern Floating Shelf Storage with Chalkboard Backdrop

13. Mug and Saucer Rack made from Upcycled Wood

14. Country-style Wire Storage Crates and Mug Hanger

15. Mini-pallet Coffee Mug Rack

16. Minimalist White Mug Storage Shelves

17. Cupboard-shelf Mounted Mug Hanger

18. Upcycled Wall-hanger with Mismatched Hardware

19. Kitchen Cupboard Bonus Shelf

20. Brushed-nickel Mug Hanger

21. Wall-mounted Dish Rack

22. DIY Dry Good and Dish Storage Shelf

23. Lighted Wall Niche and Display

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