7kg Newborn Baby In Сһɪпɑ

Doctors at a hospital in Guangdong just “sweat” when performing a caesarean section for a pregnant woman admitted to the hospital on February 7. Lai gave birth to a baby weighing 6.5kg and it took three people to help lift the baby out of her belly.

According to the Guinness Book of Records, before this baby in Guangdong, the world’s heaviest newborn was born in 1955 in Italy, weighing nearly 9kg.

A newborn boy weighing up to 6.5kg is currently in an incubator for intensive care.

This Cantonese woman said that during the ultrasound, the doctors only told her that the baby was a little heavier than usual, but she was not too concerned because her first child also weighed 4.4kg. Perhaps, the mother has gestational diabetes is also the reason why this boy is heavier than expected.
Although he was just born, the boy had a weight equal to the average weight of a baby raised by his mother for 3 months outside.

The boy was so big that a single kick could make the hospital cot wobble and creak.

Doctors at Guangdong Provincial Hospital affectionately called the baby “chubby”.

Although he was just born, the boy had a lot of hair, was quite sturdy, and had a very “old” face.
Newborn babies usually weigh only 2.8-3.4kg. Babies with a larger than normal weight are divided into two categories, physiological and pathological. The cause of the physiologically overweight children is due to genetic factors or the mother’s diet. Babies who are overweight are usually due to the mother having gestational diabetes.

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