A Baby Girl With A Heart Outside Her Chest

Baby Audrina is a rare case of a heart outside her chest. Around the world, on average, one in eight million babies has Audrina’s. An estimated 90% of babies with an extra-thoracic heart die in the womb or a few days after birth. However, baby Audrina is a lucky case. After complicated surgery at Texas Children’s Hospital (USA), baby Audrina is recovering.

Baby Audrina miraculously survived after being born with a heart outside her chest

Baby’s mother, Ashley Cardenas (left), happy after surgery

Baby Audrina has ectopia cordis. The baby’s mother, Ashley, discovered the baby’s defect during a 16-week check-up. At that time, the baby’s mother was faced with 3 options. First, abortion. Second, keep the pregnancy despite knowing that the baby can die a few days after birth. Third, have the doctor make a hole in the baby’s chest in her belly to make space for the heart to beat. In the end, Ms. Ashley chose option 2.
Close-up of baby Audrina’s heart outside her chest

Baby Audrina was born 5 weeks ago and miraculously survived. However, doctors say the girl needs to be monitored and operated on a few more times to perfect in the coming years.
The baby’s mother discovered her child’s disability at the 16th week of pregnancy but was determined to keep the baby. Ashley said, for her, that decision was difficult.

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