A Year After Giving Birth To Twins At The Age Of 74, The World’s Oldest Mother Becomes A Single Mother Raising Two Children Alone

In 2019, the whole world was suddenly “shaken” when it was learned that a mother successfully gave birth to twins at the age of 73 . It is known that this is the story of an Indian couple, Ms. Mangayamma Yaramati (then 73 years old) and Mr. Yerramatti Raja Rao (82 years old).
Ms. Mangayamma said: “I married my husband – a poor farmer – in 1962. I was 16 years old then, and he was 25. Although this was a family arranged marriage, fortunately we were quick. We fell in love and filled our families with children.But, over the years, I never got pregnant.We consulted many doctors and tried many different medications. However, everything was ineffectual.
In 1986, 40 years old, I went through early menopause. This is bad. I feel like the door in my journey to find my baby is closing. Although it is possible to adopt a child, my wife and I do not want it. Neighbors often call me a ‘childless woman’, they even gossip about many things behind my back, but fortunately, Mr. Raja was always there to encourage me.”

Ms. Mangayamma did artificial insemination at the age of 73. She is considered the oldest mother in the world when she gave birth to twins.

In 2018, Ms. Mangayamma heard that a 30-year-old woman in the village had given birth through IVF. Although she was 72 years old at that time, Ms. Mangayamma still did not give up her intention to have children for her husband. She immediately went to the other neighbor and asked for the address of the clinic for consultation.

Rama and Uma were born at 38 weeks after a caesarean section.
However, Ms. Mangayamma’s family is only full of 4 people and has 1 year because Mr. Raja died after a heart attack.

“That November, we had an appointment with Dr. Umashankar Sanakkayala. At first he thought I was in my 50s, but after hearing my real age, he was shocked. However, Dr. Umashanka still give me blood test, fitness, heart rate. I cried when I heard that I was healthy enough to do artificial insemination. It was very expensive, up to 660 pounds (more than 21 million VND). ) per cycle but we accept.
My body didn’t produce eggs, so the doctor took a donor egg and fertilized it with my husband’s sperm. The treatment was exhausting, I braced myself for failure. Fortunately, the first time, I got pregnant. It was January 2019 ,” the mother-of-two continued.

Since then, Ms. Mangayamma raised her two children alone.

Despite people saying that giving birth at an advanced age is a mistake because you will die before your child is an adult. But because the desire to have children was so strong, Ms. Mangayamma and her husband overcame all those negative emotions.

Rama and Uma are both very pretty and lovely.
Mangayamma’s mother and daughter lived on the savings that the couple had saved all their lives.

However, their joy was only complete for 1 year. In October 2020, Mr. Raja died after a heart attack. Mangayamma became a widow with two young children at the age of 74.
“I was very sad when Mr. Raja left, leaving my mother and children behind. But Rama and Uma were a source of comfort to help me overcome all difficulties and sorrows. I had to live healthy to raise and see the eldest children. I have also entrusted the child to a friend if something happens to me. But the important thing now is that I am enjoying every second of being a mother after all these years of waiting,” said Ms. Mangayamma .

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