Not only stopping at the usual unique creations, many car manufacturers and individuals have shown their unlimited creative power with unique “unique” car models. Called a bicycle, it has the appearance of a car, or a bicycle with the function of “walking”. The list of exotic bikes below will give you a great feeling. Let’s see it!

1) Hannan Custom chopper bike LS300

Hannan Custom chopper bike LS300

This bicycle is the creation of Eric Hannan of Hannan Customs in Montreal Canada. It is called LS300 and is as far as I know the only Hannan Custom bike in the UK. This bike features multiple speeds and can be built to your specifications as always. It has a 300mm wide rear motorcycle tire. It has 8 gears since upgraded to 9. 9ft long. One Hope Tech 4 hydraulic rear disc brake. When the sun reflects off the chrome billeted wheels, you will see three skulls circular logo of Hannan Custom bike. It has precision device that converts over sized bottom brackets to take cartridge type bottom brackets. This bike is sure to attract all the attention you want and still be easy to ride. This bikes don’t just look good, they ride good.

2) Fahrradi Farfalla FFX – Fake human-powered supercar

Fahrradi Farfalla FFX

It is a bicycle, a creative product of Austrian designer Hannes Langeder, with the MT Racing team, imitating the Porsche Ferdinand 911 GT3 RS.  The name of the car Fahrradi Farfalla FFX is borrowed from German: “Fahrrad” means “bicycle” plus the “i” is borrowed from the first word in Apple’s technology products. The Fahrradi Farfalla FFX has the look of a Ferrari racing car, but instead of a 700-horsepower engine is a pedal, crank and gear lever. To make it run you have to pedal like with a bicycle. The car has no engine, only an 11-speed gearbox.
Because there is no engine, the Fahrradi Farfalla FFX is considered the most fuel-efficient “supercar” and also the “slowest in the world” with a speed of 16km/h – slower than a regular bicycle. In particular, the car has 2 doors spread out like butterfly wings, looking very modern.

3) Monsterbike


Wouter van den Bosch, 29, an art student in the Netherlands, has successfully built a giant bicycle weighing nearly 450kg from old components donated by friends. He said, 6 months ago, he had a few sketches of the bike, and then started the process of collecting parts from friends and acquaintances, so the cost of building the bike was very low. After collecting the materials, he started assembling. He said it was very exciting to finish the car and test drive it for the first time. He wasn’t sure if it was legal, but drove it around the block several times to see how it worked and to see the reaction of passersby.
Bosch also says that the enlargement of the front wheels is a satire of today’s energy-intensive cars. This giant bike, although it can only carry 1 person, does not consume energy at all. Therefore, with this bike, Bosch hopes everyone will pay attention to save as much energy as possible.

4) Walking bicycle

Walking bicycle

Want to enjoy walking, but want to walk as fast as a bicycle? Some people will say you are greedy, but others will create a sports bike that works by walking just for you. The team of Japanese technicians behind this walking bike wanted to create a machine that could move faster than walking and operate more simply than riding a bicycle, and from there the Walking Bike was born. The top speed of the car can be up to 24 km / h, thanks to an engine mounted on the car. This motor can help you move all the time, especially when you have to carry this “iron horse” uphill.
The electric motor uses a lithium-ion battery that can travel up to 20 km with just 2 hours of charging. This Walking Bike is 120 cm long and 60 cm wide, with a weight of 36.3 g. It is compactly designed specifically for Japanese roads, and is also very convenient to store indoors or in parking areas. The price of this bike is about $2,000, similar to that of an electric bike, when you can both move and exercise, it’s too convenient.

5) The GlideCycle

The GlideCycle

Weighing in at just 37 pounds with saddle, the GlideCycle is easily disassembled into its custom carry bag for transport. This allows you to carry it onto a bus, toss it into the cargo area of your car, or store it anywhere in your home or apartment. It is a powerful, durable running bicycle built for anyone up to 275 lbs. Constructed with a light, chrome-moly-steel frame. It has double powder coating, zinc and chrome plating that bring quality and durability to the GlideCycle. It is truly the world’s first bicycle designed to feel like real running…but with wheels, it is fast and fun!!!
Experience the closest motion to running without body weight on earth. GlideCycle PT X -Runner lets you run with superhuman speed and endurance…10 to 20 miles or more averaging from 5 to 8 minute miles depending on your fitness level. GCX-Runner is the world’s finest weightless running bicycle.
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