Animals Seeing Freedom For The First Time Ever!

Many people are able to take away the most valuable thing in an animal’s life – its freedom. But there are few who are strong enough to return the creatures home! Fortunately, it happens more often than you might think. And now you’re about to see these Animals Being Freed For The First Time! I hope it’s gonna restore your faith in humanity once and for all…

1. Chimpanzees see sunlight for first time in 30 years after being freed from Vienna laboratory

The chimpanzee’s miserable days

THEY’VE spent three decades cooped up in tiny cages, starved of natural light and subjected to gruesome experiments. So it’s hardly surprising these ­laboratory chimps look a little excited as they get their first taste of freedom since being cruelly snatched from the jungles where they belong. They hug each other as they emerge blinking from their lonely, miserable existence in the darkness into a new £3million sanctuary.

Chimpanzees see sunlight for first time in 30 years

These heart-warming images mark the end of a 14-year battle to free the 38 chimps from a lab in Vienna by 59-year-old conservationist Michael Aufhauser. The animals had been used in HIV and hepatitis tests.

2. Tiger’s shocked expression on being released into the jungle amuses the internet.

An image of a tiger went viral on social media because of the animal’s peculiar expression. The animal looked completely shocked when it realized it was going to be freed into the jungle. Netizens could not stop laughing at the animal’s expression. The image garnered 431 K likes and many retweets. The image showed the expression of a tiger before it was released into the jungle. The tiger looked utterly perplexed and shocked.

Tiger’s funny expression

The image, which is a screengrab of a video, was posted on Twitter by TyRellington. It was captioned, “Bruh it’s a compilation videos of wild animals being set free in the wild, they get to the tiger, the tiger saw the jungle and really made this face.” The image was an instant hit. Netizens did not waste any time in responding and reacting to it.
While some laughed at the tiger’s expression, others wondered about the reasons behind the animal’s facial expression. Many believed that the tiger was too lazy and could not imagine going back to a place where nothing was going to be spoon-fed. Another person stated, “Tiger when he has to actually hunt and be a tiger.”
I find that animals need freedom just as much as people do. We should not hunt them or keep them in captivity. Or use them for our human pleasure. They didn’t do anything wrong. So each of us should love and protect animals!
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Video source: MAD LAB

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