Are You Brave Enough To Watch All The Brutal Battles Between These Animals?

1. This monitor lizard vs dogs fight in uttarakhand has an important lesson for us

In a never seen before incident, a pair of dogs can be seen attacking a monitor lizard in a jungle in Uttarakhand. Two dogs come running towards a tree on which the monitor lizard is trying to climb. The dogs attacking the lizard by pulling it down by its tail. However, what must be noted here is the fact the lizard does not give up anywhere. It fights back. Eventually the lizard was rescued by some locals.
This fight taught an important life lesson – never give up under any circumstance. Like the lizard here one must continue trying until and unless they succeed.

Monitor lizard fends off relentless attack from two dogs

2. The struggle for survival: praying mantis vs male cardinal

Have you had the chance to see a praying mantis in person? Sure, maybe. But have you ever seen a praying mantis fight off a bird?
It was a clash of two mighty predators, a classic battle for survival, which has played out over and over again since the beginning of time, or at least since animals have roamed the earth: a female northern cardinal and a Chinese mantid.
The mantis, like a miniature Kung Fu fighter, its forelegs at the ready and it wings spread to their fullest in an attempt to appear as large as possible, was not going to give in easily to the cardinal. However, the formidable seed-cracking bill of the cardinal, and the bird’s larger size, were a force to be reckoned with. The bird and the mantis traded jabs and tussled about for some three minutes. The cardinal took flight with the mantis firmly clamped in its bill.

The mantis was not going down without a fight

3. Bear vs lion – who would win this battle?

Bears vs lions – Who would win? It’s the ultimate question that has been debated for centuries. While both animals are certainly powerful and impressive, there can only be one winner.

Bears vs Lions – Fight Rules

There are no rules in a fight between a bear and a lion. The bears will use their massive size advantage to try and bowl the lion over, while the lions will use their sharp claws and teeth to go for the throat. It’s not really fair to compare these two animals, as they come from different continents and ecosystems. Bears are found in North America, Europe, and Asia, while lions are found in Africa and parts of Asia

Who would win a fight between a lion and a bear?

Oh, you wanted to know who would win in a fight between a lion and a bear, right? It’s all hypothetical, of course. Nobody knows the solution to this, and no one should ever know the answer.
These creatures will never meet in the wild. And all of the world’s bears and lions should be allowed to dwell in the wild. I’re not pushing for a nasty zoo brawl between these magnificent beasts. Even in zoos, lions and bears should never be held confined.
So, who would win in a fight between a lion and a bear? Let’s leave that as one of nature’s enigmas.

Bear vs lion

4. Brave buffalo won’t back down from 2.5-ton rhino’s head-butt attack

The tale of the tape favors the rhino – they can weigh nearly 6,000 pounds – but the 1,500-pound Cape buffalo proved a worthy and formidable opponent. The incredible strength of both species is on display here as well as the obstinate nature of the buffalo.
The rhino runs its smaller foe across the plain and lifts it partway off the ground like a defensive lineman. Despite the apparent mismatch, the brave buffalo continues to go head-to-head with its oversized adversary. Then, apparently shocked at the brawler’s boldness, the rhino starts to back off as other members of the buffalo herd begin to approach it.
Thankfully, neither opponent was injured during the course of the nearly four-minute scuffle.

At one point, the bull rhino even lifted the buffalo off the ground.

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