Baby Girl “doll” Was Born With 30 Broken Bones

Baby Millie Simpson was born with a monstrous vitreous bone disease. The disease caused her to be born with up to 30 broken bones. The doctor said that the girl did not live long, but Millie overcame her fate and just celebrated her 2nd birthday.

Millie Simpson suffers from vitreous bone disease that makes her bones very fragile.

She was born with 30 broken bones.

Ms Stevie Simpson, 23, Millie’s mother, from Cheshire, England, said the doctor had once advised her not to have children. With so many bones broken while in the womb, the baby is unlikely to be born healthy and has very little chance of survival. Even so, Ms. Simpson decided to give the baby a chance at life.
Two years ago, Millie was born and she was nicknamed “Chinese doll” because of her very weak and fragile bones. However, a miracle happened to her when she was still able to breathe normally despite broken ribs.
To battle the disease, Millie had to take weekly calcium treatments and experiment with intensive physical therapy methods to strengthen her bones. Currently, she is learning to walk, but this is a very difficult thing. She still can’t stand on her own two feet. More bones could break at any time with her increasing weight.
Although Millie’s chances of survival are very low…

Ms Stevie Simpson said: “We are very proud of Millie. She defied the doctors’ diagnoses and survived to this day. People say that she looks like a real-life Chinese doll because her bones are so fragile that even a light touch can hurt. However, my daughter is very strong and energetic. She is the miracle that life gives us.”
It is known that children with vitreous bone disease have reduced bone density. In severe cases, the disease manifests itself at birth, causing the newborn to break many bones. Most sick babies die a short time after birth. The disease may present late in milder cases, affecting the development of muscle mass and reducing muscle endurance.
… the little girl is still fighting against her fate.

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