Catching Round Fat Frogs Is Simple With These Ways!

Frog season generally runs from late spring into the end of summer, when frogs mate. You might see frogs during the day, but they typically hide until it’s dark. Their nocturnal nature would seem to make it harder to catch them, but it’s actually an advantage. When frogs encounter bright lights, they freeze up. So the same flashlight that makes it possible for you to find frogs in the first place also holds them still while you make your move to catch and even spear them! Here are ways that you can catch frogs.

1. Going to see frogs at night after it rains, when frogs pair up

The first way

This is the traditional method of catching frogs, which is fast, compact and lightweight. Usually after the rains, especially the first rains of the season. Frogs will congregate a lot in rice fields, ponds, lakes.. At this time, we just need to bring lights around, then catch them.
This method requires you to have a bit of experience, listen to the cry of the frog to determine which area has a frog so that you can focus on catching it effectively. If the above method of catching frogs at night is not suitable for you, you can refer to the second method.

2. Fishing for frogs

Fishing for frogs

This is a very effective way of catching frogs and is quite easy to eat. Because you also only need to prepare a few dozen fishing rods with frogs and a little natural bait to be able to line up and wait for harvest.
Regarding the frog fishing rod, depending on your preferences and habits, you can use a hanging fishing rod (hanging bait 5cm from the ground). Or venom fishing rod (to bait directly on the ground). With this way, you just need to determine your terrain area with frogs. Then you just feel free to confidently deploy the plug, make sure you are the probability of eating the table is almost certain.
Regarding the frog hook, you should use the eagle hook, and use a slightly larger number hook. Unlike fishing for snakehead fish, fishing with a large tongue frog will be more difficult than using a small tongue.
Every afternoon, you hook the bait to leave it, if you are diligent, visit once in the evening, if you are not diligent, leave it there, collect it in the morning. The feeling of visiting the fisherman and watching the frog stick to it is also very good, guys.

3. The third way to catch frogs at night is to use a frog trap.

Frog trap

About frog traps, there are also a few types of traps, each with their own way, a preference. But now the most popular type of trap is the type of trap as shown below, guys. The trap uses a lead net against lightning as the body of the trap, the cuttings are made of wood or bamboo. This trap has a higher frog parity than the trap using zinc cuttings.
Note: To set a frog trap, you must set the trap so that it is submerged about 1 finger before running the frog. Traps lying on dry, frogs do not stick or stick very little, everyone. You keep following the fields, ponds… and set traps. The bait in general is also simple, using natural fish chips combined with a few easy-to-find spices can be brought and placed.
The time to set up frog traps is in the afternoon, the time to collect traps and harvest frogs is early the next morning.
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