Cobras Get Consequences When Intentionally Spraying Poison On A Mongoose

King cobras are incredibly dangerous venomous snakes. They can kill up to 11 people with a single bite due to their potent venom. However, some animals have the right agility, wits, and power to attack venomous snakes. I’ve already covered how a mongoose would attack a cobra, but how would it fare against the king cobra.
I will look at a king cobra vs. mongoose match and show you which of these animals would survive the fight.

What Are Key Differences Between a King Cobra and a Mongoose?

The greatest differences between a king cobra and a mongoose are morphology, attacking methods, and size. The king cobra is a limbless reptile measuring up to 19ft long that uses venomous bites to kill prey. Mongooses are carnivorous mammals that measure just 2.5ft long and use powerful bites to slay enemies.
These creatures are very different from one another, and those differences will significantly impact the battle. Although these differences will undoubtedly inform the battle’s outcome, they are not the only elements that matter.

Battle between King Cobra and Mongoose

What Are the Key Factors in a Fight Between a King Cobra and a Mongoose?


Mongooses have great senses. They can hear well, have a good sense of sight, and smell well enough to locate prey under the ground. This allows the mongoose to know where its prey is before its prey senses it. King cobras do have a strong sense of smell.
The mongoose has the advantage in senses.

Speed and Movement

The mongoose is faster than the king cobra. A mongoose can hit top speeds of 20 mph, and this mammal has a lot of agility to help it change directions quickly. The ability of a mongoose to move so well helps it hunt down many animals, particularly snakes.
A mongoose has the speed advantage.

Attacking Method

Mongooses use their powerful bites to kill their foes. They have 28 teeth, four of which are relatively long incisors that can crack bones with ease.
The king cobra has one method of attacking: rearing up and biting with potent venom. The venom is so powerful that it can kill 11 humans in a single bite.
King cobras have a more powerful, surefire means of killing foes.

The never-ending war between snakes and mongooses

Physical Defenses

The mongoose has thick fur, strong skin, and resistance to snake venom. These factors make them almost perfect for hunting venomous snakes.
The king cobra has a good threat display. It can rear up and lift several feet of its bodies off the ground, hiss at its foes, and spread its hood. However, the king cobra’s massive size is also a powerful defensive element.
Mongooses have the defensive advantage.

Predatory Behavior

The king cobra is an ambush predator that uses its surroundings to hide before springing forth and delivering a deadly bite. Once they land a bite, it’s just a matter of time until their prey dies.
Mongooses can hunt in groups or alone, and they are pursuit hunters. They find prey that is suitable to them and then chase the animal down and kill it.
King cobras have a more impactful type of predatory behavior than a mongoose.

Mongoose attacking a snake

Who Would Win in a Fight Between a King Cobra and a Mongoose?

A mongoose would kill a king cobra in a fight. These animals have some resistance to venomous snake bites, which means they come into this battle with an advantage.
The king cobra needs to bite the mongoose probably more than once to put it down. Meanwhile, the mammal has far more speed and agility, and it can crack a snake’s skull with just a single bite. Since the king cobra stands up to fight, it will have to turn its head at some point to follow the mongoose. The king cobra is a huge snake, but its head is still vulnerable to the mongoose.
It seems more likely that the mammal that constantly hunts venomous snakes comes away with a victory. However, it is possible that the king cobra lands a massive venomous bite and overwhelms the mongoose’s system. In that case, the mongoose would be vulnerable on the ground and end up being eaten.

Unbelievable! King Cobra Kills Mongoose With Powerful Bite

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