Cruel Experiment: Transplanting Human Ears Into The Body Of Mice

In the 20th century, mankind has made great strides in the field of science. It is known that as technology advances, medicine will reach the point where every part of the human body will be transplanted outside and transplanted like replacing the parts of a broken machine.

Cases of ear implants

The Advance of Science

Some people have facial deformities due to birth defects or sometimes trauma. Plastic surgery developed very quickly at the end of the 20th century, but even so, on the human body, the ear is still the most difficult part to recreate, because it is made of cartilage. Although cartilage can be made, it is difficult to make from human tissue, so many people who have had a stroke will have to live with an irregularly shaped ear or be permanently earless. The scientists decided to do something, they started doing experiments, and the mice became the scientists’ test subjects.

Rats will be the subject of the experiment

The scientists decided to make a scaffold shaped like a human ear and put the cartilage cells of a cow on it. Cartilage is a semi-rigid tissue found in the human ear, nose, and chest. They then anesthetized the mouse, made an incision, and placed an ear shape under its skin.

Mouse anesthesia

The world was surprised when all news agencies shared an image of a mouse, wearing human ears. Some expressed extreme excitement, most expressed fear, others expressed outrage, attributing the ethical aspects of such experiments, and met with protests against tissue engineering.

Human ears grow in the body of a mouse

No one really knows what happened to the Vacanti rat Scientists say ‘we removed the ears and the mouse lived happily ever after.’ But it was a lie to assuage public outrage.
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