DᴇɑԀ Newborn Baby Miraculously Comes Back To Life Thanks To Parents’ Warmth

The newborn baby of the couple Kate and David Ogg miraculously escaped death at birth. After giving birth to twins, Kate received the bad news that she would have to part with one of the two new born children. At that time, Kate told her husband to take off his shirt so that the dying child could receive more warmth. She shared: “After nearly 20 minutes, the baby’s heartbeat almost disappeared. But at that time, with a mother’s instinct, I just wanted the baby to receive warmth and hope that my baby would come back to life. Despite knowing what that’s stupid.”

The newborn baby almost stopped breathing before coming back to life.

As their newborn son drew his last breath, they held him in their arms so they could show him their love for the last time. In the arms of his parents, the boy began to move and his breathing became stronger. Hospital staff rushed to help bring the baby back to life.
Five years later, young Jamie Ogg is healthy, growing and developing normally like any other child and has not had any health problems since the day he was born. This is indeed one of the most miraculous cases of survival in the history of medicine.

Jamie has grown healthy after 5 years of being saved.

Twins Emily and Jamie.

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