Dogs That Are Born Only Once in a Thousand Years

There are several breeds of dogs in the world and some are nothing short of amazing. There is the world’s largest dog, the world’s shortest dog, and even the world’s most hero dog, but it is the dogs that have something special about them that are the most interesting to watch. Yes, around the world there are special dogs with special skills or that look somewhat different from conventional dogs and that are the rockstars of their world. Here are dogs that are born only once in a thousand years.

1. Shana – Save the couple’s life from a catastrophic blizzard


An elderly couple, Eve and Norman Fertig, was taking care of animals on their sanctuary grounds when a freak snowstorm suddenly trapped them 200 ft away from home and in freezing temperatures. Luckily for them, Shana was there to save the day! With some determination, she dragged the couple through 200ft of snow in order to get them back to warmth and safety. She even stayed around after the long crawl in order to keep the couple warm and safe before the firemen rescue team arrived.
Of course, she received widespread praise for her heroic deeds and was subsequently awarded the Citizens for Humane Animal Treatment’s Hero’s Award- an award usually reserved for humans.

2. Most balls caught by a dog with the paws in one minute

Talk about amazing paw-eye coordination. Purin, a 9-year-old female Beagle, is the record-holder for catching 14 balls with her paws in one minute’s time. She achieved the record on March 22, 2015, with her owner, Makoto Kumagai of Sakura, Japan, tossing her the balls. Perhaps Purin has a future as a successful goalkeeper.

3. The best skateboarding dog


Otto’s journey was inspired by Tilman, the fastest skateboarding dog ever praised on social media. Owner Luciana Viale suddenly realized that her pet dog Otto also possesses the same strange surfing talent as Tilman. One day, while Luciana and Otto were playing together, she saw the dog sliding toward her so fast that she had to open her legs wide so Otto could slide over.
This prompted Luciana to have Otto conduct a skateboarding challenge through a tunnel created by queues.
In 2015, when she learned that Tilman, the dog that inspired Luciana, had passed away, Luciana decided to let Otto start the Guinness challenge to pay tribute to Tilman. Luciana then informed the Guinness World Organization and asked her friends to join in support. A long line of people was formed and a tunnel was created to test Otto. In front of the Guinness World Organizing Committee, Otto skated through the tunnel created by 30 people.
With this achievement, Luciana’s pet dog has set a new Guinness record, becoming the best skater dog ever recorded. The dog continues to impress everyone here with his skateboarding talent. me. Otto’s skateboarding record so far in 2020 remains unbreakable.

4. Britain’s Tallest Dog


That is Freddy, this dog weighs 70kg and is 2.2m tall when standing on his hind legs. This giant dog was the smallest of the pack when he was born, yet he grew up the fastest and reached his current size.
Freddy’s owner, Claire Stoneman, 38, of Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, says she spends up to $6,400 a year on standard pet food.

5. Longest ears on a dog ever


A bloodhound named Tigger snagged the record for the longest ears on a dog on Sept. 29, 2004. His right and left ears measured 13.75 inches and 13.5 inches, respectively. Tigger’s proud owners are Bryan and Christina Flessner of St. Joseph, Illinois.
This long-eared pup was no stranger to fame. Tigger won numerous show titles and more than 180 Best of Breed awards; in 2003, he was inducted into the Bloodhound “’Hall of Fame.” Sadly, Tigger passed away in October 2009.
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