Dogs That Saved Owners After An АᴄᴄɪԀᴇпт!

Dogs are known to be man’s best friend, but certain stories remind us just how much dogs truly love their owners. From tales of dogs saving their families from house fires to family pets saving children from poisonous snakes, these courageous canines prove how special the bond is between man and dog.

#1 Dog Helps Save Owner After They Were Struck By a Car In Dorchester

Miles feels happy to have a best friend

They say dogs are a man’s best friend, and that seems to be the case with John Miles and his faithful beagle mix, Lucy.
On November 25, after Miles was struck by a vehicle while on his routine four-mile walk with Lucy along Neponset Avenue in Dorchester, the animal ran and found help, despite her own injuries, as her companion lay helpless in the street suffering from two broken legs and a broken arm. After a car hit the pair at a “high speed” while they crossed the busy roadway, Lucy left John’s side and barked “madly” at the doorway of a nearby dentist’s office until someone responded.
Once she got the attention of people, Lucy limped back to Miles and stayed by him until emergency crews arrived. “By the time the police and animal control officer arrived, Lucy had braced herself against the nearly unconscious John, refusing to leave his side even as he was lifted into the ambulance,” officials said in a statement. The driver was not cited by police, according to officials, because the vehicle stopped at the scene.

#2 Dog Saves Owner’s Life By Leading Police Officers To Him After He Was Ejected From Car During Crash

He calls Tinsley his guardian angel

We all know that dogs are too good for us. A German Shepherd named “Tinsley” proved that, once again when she played a vital role in saving her owner’s life.
Tinsley the dog saved her owner by alerting police to a car crash. Once the officer found 1-year-old Tinsley, she led the officer to her severely injured owner, who had been ejected from his vehicle when it rolled over off of the highway, as well as another passenger. The responding officer was seemingly unaware of the emergency until Tinsley led them to the scene.
Cam Laundry and his passenger were experiencing what could only be described as a nightmare when his car rolled and both he and his passenger were injured after being ejected during the crash. As the cold winter night blanketed the scene of the accident, hypothermia was setting in for both Laundry and his passenger. After the accident Laundry said of Tinsley, “She’s my little guardian angel. It’s a miracle that she had that kind of intelligence to do what she did.”

#3 Dog saves boy who nearly drowned

The dog did not hesitate to rush to save the boy

A dog named Max, a Staffordshire bull terrier crossed with a bulldog, saved a young child who nearly drowned in a river in Australia. The dog’s owner spotted the boy in distress, but before he could help himself, Max—who was wearing a life jacket—was in the water. The owner told the boy to call Max’s name, and the dog swam to the boy and helped pull him to safety, as reported by 7News Australia.

#4 Dog saves child from a venomous snake

The dog was taken to the hospital by his family and waited to recover

In Brazil, Typhoon the dog saved a 12-year-old girl from a venomous snake. The child was outside near her home when she encountered a six-foot-long jararaca snake. Upon seeing the snake, she screamed but was frozen with fear. Typhoon came to the rescue and attacked the snake, getting bitten himself in the process, and managed to scare the snake away. Typhoon’s family then took him to a veterinary clinic, where he was said to be recovering.
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