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Quail are quick-footed and can also fly short distances, making them tricky to capture. The only way to catch a quail is to work slowly to corner the bird and trap it.
There are many simple and creative ways to trap a wild bird on your homestead or nearby bushes and forests. It literally costs nothing to make these traps and they can be made by anyone with time to build something with their hands. You don’t even need to go searching on shop to buy a bird trap because most of these traps can be made with basic items that you already have in your home. In this article, we will show you how to make a simple but very effective quail forest trap. Let’s begin!

Necessary tools

Necessary tools

To start making wild quail traps, you need to prepare the following tools:
– 1 small shovel (or hoe) to dig.
– 1 plastic box of 50*40*30cm mesh with a hole cut in the side of the box so that the plastic pipe can be passed through.
– 3 large PVC pipes and 1 plastic pipe connecting 3 ends.

Make a forest quail trap

First, you should identify areas where quails frequent. Then use a shovel (or hoe) to clear the weeds and spread the soil around evenly.
Place the plastic bucket on the ground you just made to secure the hole you are going to dig. Make a mark around the 4 sides of the plastic bin!

Locate traps and dig holes

Marking is done, you put away the plastic bin and start digging a hole according to the mold of the plastic container that you marked earlier. Then, you put the plastic bin on top of the hole, make sure the plastic container position is secure by filling the surrounding soil with soil.
Fill the surrounding soil to make sure the plastic container is stable & Joining PVC pipes together

When the black plastic container is secure, you use 3 large PVC pipes to connect to 1 plastic pipe, connect the 3 ends together, it will form a T shape. You put one end of the plastic pipe into the hole drilled in the barrel before. Meanwhile, the remaining 2 ends of the plastic pipe will be on both sides. Make sure the ground around the trap is cleared of weeds and the ground is level. You should put a few branches around the trap to fool the quail and make them think this is a normal forest.  Then you spread the bait around the ground in front of the trap. What you need to do now is wait patiently.
Disguise traps and spread bait

Waiting for birds to enter the trap and harvest

Quickly, it wasn’t long before quails approached and enjoyed the delicious rice voraciously! They don’t seem to know before their eyes is a trap because of the way you camouflage plants around you. Like that and when going deep inside to eat the bait, the quail went inside the plastic pipe and entered the hole that you have dug. Let’s harvest the spoils now! Good luck!

Quails eat bait and fall into traps

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