Giving Birth To 4 Children In Just 9 Months

Just gave birth to her first son – Freddie not long ago, just a week later, Sarah discovered she was pregnant again. Even she and her husband Benn Smith had “A eyes, O mouth” when the doctor said she was about to give birth to triplets.

Sarah Ward became a “lucky” mother in record time when she gave birth to 4 children in just 9 months.

“Just thinking about being pregnant so soon, after only 1 week since giving birth, I was shocked and frozen. After the ultrasound, the doctor was also surprised and asked if I could predict how many more children I would have. At that time, I thought the doctor would say I was having twins, but when they told me I had 3 babies coming, I was so shocked that I almost fell off the bed because I couldn’t believe it was real. ” age from Crayford, London shared.
It is known that when the eldest Freddie turned 9 months old in March 2014, the trio Stanly, Daisy and Reggie was born. Up to this point, the 3 newborn babies of Sarah’s family are 19 weeks old.
Sara Ward’s extended family – 29-year-old mother in Crayford, London.

The trio of babies was born when the eldest Freddie turned 9 months old. Now Stanly, Daisy and Reggie are also 19 weeks old and very active.

She did not forget to take photos to record the moments before and after giving birth to triplets.

Every week, Sarah has to change 175 diapers and mix about 80 bottles of milk to take care of 4 children at the same time.
“At first, everything was messed up because my husband and I kept struggling and didn’t know how to do it well. But then we both got used to it and felt that having many children at once was really interesting , “said Sarah.
However, after becoming a “lucky” mother in record time, Sarah Ward and her husband still have no intention of having more children in the near future.

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