Heart-stopping Moments When The Glasses Aren’t Strong Enough!

I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS.. they thought the zoo was safe.. the gorilla broke the glass, then.. she fell into the shark tank, then.. the glass wasn’t strong enough..

1. Broken Shark Tank

Aquariums and zoos are not the only places that you expect the glass to stay strong. The last thing you want to see break is a shark tank. This is especially true if you’re anywhere near it when it happens! And yet streets in a city in Mexico ended up being flooded after the shark tank in a local aquarium broke, cracked, and released gallons and gallons of water.

Broken Shark Tank

2. Gorilla Smashes the Glass

If there’s one place that you really want the glass to be strong enough, it’s at the gorilla exhibit in the San Diego Zoo. And yet back in 2020, the gorilla exhibit had to be closed after an extremely aggressive gorilla smashed into the glass viewing window and broke it! It’s also possible that it was pissed off at kids constantly pointing at it.
Whatever the reason, the gorilla decided to show off its skills by running up and pounding on the glass, causing the entire window to break. Video footage of the scene shows a bunch of kids running away in terror after being rushed by the huge creature and we have to say that we’d probably be right behind them if we thought that the gorilla had a chance of breaking through the glass.

Gorilla Smashes the Glass

3. Bear Shatters Glass with a Rock

Polar bears are massive animals that have a lot of strength. So when a polar bar at the rotterdam zoo decided that it wasn’t happy in its enclosure, it went to work devising an escape plan. The bear was seen picking up a rock and throwing it down on a glass window looking into its pen. Nobody thought much of the bear’s antics until it finally threw the rock down so hard that it managed to break the glass, causing a decent amount of panic.
This might be the smartest grizzly bear in history. According to the animal collection manager from the zoo, they had cleared the grizzly exhibit of all objects that the bears could carry.

Bear Shatters Glass with a Rock

4. In defense of the deer that crashed through a salon window

In a Long Island hair salon called Be.you.tiful, with one man in a chair getting a trim while another woman sits on the couch waiting for her turn. And then, an enormous deer (a buck, actually, with huge antlers) careens through the glass, jumps over the waiting couch, and disappears from view. There are about 10 panicked seconds when the three startled humans scream and exclaim while also checking on one another, and then everyone starts to panic again as the deer, still out of view, turns back toward them. Soon it careens back out the front of the shop, this time blasting through the (also glass) door, with a hair straightener hanging from its neck.
The deer’s incursion into the Be.you.tiful salon is alarming.

Deer jumps through window of Long Island hair salon

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