Heartbreaking Moment A DɪѕɑЬʟᴇԀ Dog Was Cruelly АЬɑпԀᴏпᴇԀ By Its Owner

A three-legged dog who was dumped by his owners has finally found a forever home. The white dog, named Tintin, was abandoned on the road by a woman. The incident which was captured on camera was reported from Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil.

The owner cruelly abandoned the dog

Footage of the incident had gone viral on social media. A car was parked on the side of a road. A female drove comes out of the car and opened the back door of the car. A black dog jumped out after which the woman took the white dog out of the vehicle. She encouraged the black dog to get inside the car and closed the door.
When the three-legged dog tried to follow the woman, she pushed him back roughly and drove off. Tintin even tried to go after the car.
When someone found Tintin on the street hour later, he was returned to the owner thinking that he got lost. However, later the same day, Tintin was dumped again by the woman’s husband, local media reported.

Luck smiled on the dog: adopted and got a new home

The dog was adopted by an animal charity

He was taken in by the Patas Geurreras animal charity. After all the trouble that Tintin went through, he has finally found a new home.
The charity said that Tintin is doing “exceptionally well” given the circumstances under which he was abandoned by his owners. They added that his new family is showering all the “love and care” on him.
The dog received a lot of love from everyone

In another incident, a dog who was found abandoned in a ditch with his legs broken and infected when he was a puppy has defied the odds of life. The vets had to remove two of his limbs to save his life. However, this did not stop him from learning how to stand, run and play, that too without the help of any prosthetics or support.
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