Herd Of Bloodthirsty Hyenas Аттɑᴄᴋɪпɡ The Lioness

I used to read news about how the lions are on a high, enjoying the plethora of weakened buffalo and other prey scattering the land. Being the most dominant predator, they tend to not have too much to worry about in terms of competition but as is so often the case in the bush you can just never guarantee when the tables will turn. Recently I bared witness to what can happen to the ‘king of the jungle’ when they find themselves outnumbered, in this case by a huge clan of hyenas.

Lioness survives attack from clan of Hyenas

The moment the hyenas bring down and attempt to kill the lone lioness

If you have watched the Discovery Channel or National Geographic growing up, you must be aware of the fact that Hyenas are extremely aggressive and clever creatures who move around in packs. Apart from the not-so-pleasant laugh-like sound they make – which is like a human being laughing hysterically – they are also known to kill lions and vice-versa.
Now, you must be wondering if a pack of hyenas is attacking a single lioness, are we talking about their unity? Well, no.
The attack begins with several hyenas running towards a helpless lioness who is unable to defend herself. As the laughing-creatures attack the queen of the jungle, the viewer is bound to feel very uncomfortable as the lioness is clearly in a lot of pain.

The lioness appears to be under serious pressure as the massed ranks of hyenas attack

However, perhaps alerted by the chorus of screeching from the hyenas, the rest of the lioness’s pride roar to her assistance.
This prompts 30 seconds of furious fighting, and despite being outnumbered, the lionesses soon force the hyenas into retreat, one of the lionesses carrying a dead hyena which was killed during the skirmish.

Following the skirmish, one lion is spotted carrying a dead hyena

Although they are enemies, their lives are closely intertwined on the savannah. Hyenas are scavengers – and opportunistic hunters – and they like to eat very similar prey species to lions.
In the video below, you can see Lioness Is Too Painful To Be Attacked By Overcrowded And Bloodthirsty Hyenas. Thank you for visiting our website! We hope you found something that sparked interest on our website!

Video resource: AT Wild Animals

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