How Would You Go About Doing It? You Tell Us How To Set Up This Massive CNC Machine

Welcome back to our website. Today is going to be great because we’re going to do soᴍᴇᴛʜing a little different. Right now, we’re standing in front of the Barmia 5-axis with a monstrous 1600-pound piece of 4140 steel. It’s a ten-thousand-pound five-axis machine with massive horsepower, as you can see. We have two pallets on one of the pallets due to the ingredients coming together. We used a shamrock monster tombstone and left the other pallet empty.

Now, when you look at the machine and at this piece of material. We had to consider how we would hold not only a monstrous piece of material but also a round piece of material on a five-axis. How do you really fixture it? It’s set up like a horizontal. When considering fixturing, consider how many parts will be produced; this is not a production run. This is an education run, so we’ll get right to work in this segment. We’ll show you how to program it and run this complicated job on a monster machine. That’s why today is different because, guess what, we’re going to come to you and do a little work holding contest, so we’re going to.

The first operation is now machining, which is vast and full of many different ideas, and no two machinists are the same when it comes to work holding. Because everyone will approach it based on what they can comprehend based on their own experiences. This is going to be interesting because if two or three or five or a hundred people comment, we’ll be able to see every detail of your experience. Actually state how we’re going to do it: we’re going to take your names, put them in a hat, and pick one person at random.

Let’s see how you’d go about doing that. In the amazing video below, you tell us how to fixture this monster CNC machine.
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