Hyena Messed With A Wrong Donkey And Learned A Great Lesson

In the animal kingdom, it’s common knowledge that the strong prey on the weak. But sometimes, even the seemingly weak can prove to be a formidable opponent. Such was the case when a hyena messed with the wrong donkey and learned a great lesson.


Donkeys (equus asinus) have long been mocked for their ugliness compared to the ethereal appearance of horses. However, donkeys’ contribution to human life is in fact greater than that of their cousins.
Not possessing speed, but donkeys have amazing strength and endurance, making them good at transporting goods and food, as well as pulling mills. The donkeys also have another skill, which is to protect the sheep from the fierce wolves.
At first, not many people believed this. However, in reality, when the donkey detects a wolf or other hunter, its self-defense instinct will be activated, turning the donkey from a gentle herbivore into a fearsome attack machine.

Choosing the wrong opponent, the hyena was tricked to teach a lesson to remember for life

It all started when a pack of hyenas was on the hunt for their next meal. They came across a lone donkey grazing in a field and thought it would be an easy target. However, the donkey had other plans. As soon as the hyenas approached, the donkey kicked into action and started attacking them with its powerful hind legs.
The hyenas were taken aback by the donkey’s sudden aggression and tried to retreat, but the donkey wouldn’t let them go so easily. It chased the hyenas away, braying loudly and kicking up dust.The incident was captured on camera by a group of tourists who happened to be passing by. The video quickly went viral on social media, with people amazed at the donkey’s bravery and fighting spirit.
Experts say that donkeys are known for their stubbornness and can be quite aggressive when they feel threatened. In this case, the donkey must have felt that its life was in danger and reacted accordingly.
The donkey’s tenacity excites viewers. Few of them believed that a herbivore could be so powerful. Even more surprising when the donkey’s opponent, the hyena, is one of the fiercest hunters on the steppe. In some cases, hyenas even intimidate cheetahs and lions.
Usually, the donkeys will rush to attack the enemy with a series of kicks, then step on the enemy. An equally dangerous weapon of donkeys is their very strong jaws. This is something that can lock onto the enemy, causing them to lose the initiative.
If attacked from behind, donkeys are also ready to launch a rear kick with their hind legs with great force, which can break the jaws of a predator if they are foolishly within reach.
The incident serves as a reminder that sometimes, the underdog can come out on top, and that’s something we can all take inspiration from.
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