If You Have This Fish Around, You Won’t Drown

I’ve heard of pets saving their owners, but what about sea animals saving total strangers? Wild dolphins, porpoises, have saved humans. As have sea lions and whales.However, not all of the animals on this list saved humans on purpose. Some only became unwitting heroes, while the motivations of others remain in doubt. In one case, some believe the “rescuers” were actually planning to eat the person they saved.

1. Sea Lion saves man from drowning

Sea Lion saves man from drowning

Sometime in 2000, Kevin Hines decided he’d had enough of life. He was suffering from bipolar disorder and depression and chose to commit suicide by drowning. His location of choice was the famous Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco. However, he did not drown as expected because a sea lion kept him above the water.Hines initially thought the sea lion was a shark. This freaked him out. While he planned to commit suicide, that didn’t include being killed by a shark. However, he soon realized that his unexpected companion was a sea lion. The sea lion kept bumping into him to keep him above the water and remained with him until a Coast Guard rescue boat arrived.Besides keeping Hines afloat, the sea lion also helped the rescuers to find him easily. If the sea lion hadn’t kept him above water, the Coast Guard would have spent a much longer time searching for Kevin’s corpse underwater.

2. Whale saves woman from Shark

Whale saves woman from Shark

In October 2017, Nan Hauser was swimming off the Cook Islands when a humpback whale suddenly appeared near her. The whale kept bumping into her with its head and belly. It attempted carrying her on its head, belly, and back. It also made several attempts to put her under its pectoral fin.Hauser found this behavior weird. She was a marine biologist and had never seen a humpback whale act this way. She later realized what was happening after she left the water and returned to her research vessel. There was a 4.6-meter-long (15 ft) tiger shark swimming close to the whale. Obviously, the whale was protecting her from the shark.

3. Fisherman saved by Dolphins

Fisherman saved by Dolphins

In 2002, Grant Dickson was sailing in his trawler off the coast of Queensland, Australia, when it sank. Dickson was able to hold on to an upturned dinghy. However, he still remained in the water, bleeding, surrounded by some hungry sharks that had started circling around him, patiently waiting for the perfect time to attack.One shark was clearly aggressive and kept swimming closer. But then some dolphins arrived and chased the sharks away. However, that would not be the end of Dickson’s problems. He remained in the water for 40 hours until he was rescued by a passing ship.

4. Shipwrecked woman saved by Dolphins

Shipwrecked woman saved by Dolphins

In the early 1970s, Yvonne Vladislavich was traveling on a boat off the coast of Mozambique when the engine stopped working. (Some accounts claim it exploded.) The boat remained adrift until it was sunk by a wave.Yvonne was a very good swimmer and decided to try to swim to shore. However, some sharks had other plans for her. Six sharks started circling her and kept coming closer until dolphins arrived. The dolphins kept the sharks away and followed Yvonne as she swam/drifted 40 kilometers (25 mi) until she reached a buoy.Yvonne would have drowned if she hadn’t been assisted by the dolphins. She frequently got tired during the journey and would have gone under if the dolphins hadn’t kept her above the water. She was the only survivor of the four people on the boat.
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