Incredible Manufacturing Process Of A Truck Brake Drum From Cast Iron Scrap

Most of us probably know how brake discs function. After pressing the brake pedal, a master cylinder sends brake fluid down lines to the calipers, where one or more pistons will press one or two pads into a disc. The joys of friction then slow your car down, ensuring you don’t end up smashing into the car in front or bouncing off into the undergrowth at the first corner you see. Simple and effective.
A brake drum is a cylinder that is attached to the top of the vehicle’s wheel hub. Brake drums are typically affixed to a rotating shaft or wheel against which brake shoes or bands act.

The process starts off much the same, with fluid making its way down to the brakes from a master cylinder. Instead of entering a caliper, however, the brake fluid goes into a device called the wheel cylinder, located inside the cast iron brake drum itself. The fluid pushes two pistons within the wheel cylinder body outwards, forcing the brake shoes into the inner lining of the brake drum. Since the drum is attached to the hub, the friction generated then slows down the rotation of the wheel.

A spring sitting in-between the two pistons and another between the shoes ensures everything returns to its original position once the brake pedal is released. A threaded adjuster meanwhile will gradually unwind as the shoes wear, meaning the distance the shoes require to meet the drum surface does not increase over time.
Since the contact patch runs around the entire circumference of the drum, the braking force offered by a drum brake is greater than that of a disc brake of the same size. Using drum brakes, therefore, saves weight, and it saves manufacturers money, as they’re cheaper to produce. There’s a reason why – as noted earlier – they tend to be used on cars at the less expensive end of the spectrum. Finally, a set of brake shoes will generally last much longer than a set of brake pads.

The production process at the line is also very complicated, but only with the skilled skills of the workers, the production of brake drums from scrap is simple. They have a great pair of hands and honed skills that make them excellent at their work
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