Keeping Dangerous Animals As Pets And The End For Ill-fated Owners

Snakes, scorpions or crocodiles are animals that many people fear as soon as they see them. However, in recent years, they have become “pets” of many people, especially among young people. It is worth mentioning that keeping dangerous animals as pets is a trend with potential consequences unfortunate results. This poses many risks not only for the animals being raised, but also for the ecological environment.
However, there are still people who defy it to keep dangerous animals as their pets. There are some unlucky cases when being harmed by “pets” themselves! Let’s see it right in this article.

1. Raise crocodiles as pets, eat and sleep at home

Many people have a hobby of keeping a pet in the house for fun and companionship. However, choosing a crocodile as a pet, not everyone has the courage and skills to take care of it, not to mention that it will receive more attention and curiosity from the neighbors.
Kade Skelton, a man who has studied zoology and predator ecology for many years before adopting a crocodile as a pet. He named the crocodile Wez, now it is 2 years old. Photos shared on social networks show the couple in the same house, swimming in the lake, both extremely close, Kade Skelton does not hesitate to cuddle this rough-looking animal.

Kade Skelton keeps crocodiles as pets, eats and sleeps at home

Wez’s food includes raw chicken, beef, bones, shrimp, and fish. Kade Skelton carefully prepares pet meals. At night, the crocodile also went to bed with Kade Skelton. Not only living with crocodiles, Kade Skelton also opened a company that provides sightseeing and learning services about saltwater crocodiles.
Kade Skelton adopted Wez as a baby from the zoo he previously worked at. “It’s hard to pick out a good feature of the Wez crocodile. I find myself drawn to it, it’s so calm, when I hold it in my hand I feel very comfortable,” said Kade Skelton.

2. Keep pythons as pets and cuddle every day

Insua is a girl from the United States, in her house she has a python as a pet. She feels that the python is a very good friend, it never harms her or others, so she is very reassured that the python is free to crawl around the house, allowing it to work freely. The python is around her every day, looking at it, it seems that the relationship with its owner is very good, it has never hurt her.
But a few days ago Insua discovered that the python, which had a great need for food, suddenly stopped eating. Not knowing how, she decided to bring her python to a veterinary facility for examination. After checking, the veterinarians asked Insua: “Is this python around you every day?”. At the doctor’s question, Insua nodded to show that it was.

Every night, the python wraps around the girl and it is checked by the doctors.

The veterinarians hastily asked Insua to immediately bring this python to the zoo and hand it over to them to take care of, absolutely not to let it stay next to Insua anymore. She was very surprised by this request, it was only when she heard the explanation from the doctor’s own mouth that she was startled. The doctors explained that: “The python suddenly stopped eating because it wanted to empty its stomach completely so that it could easily swallow its owner. The reason it hung around Insua every day was because The python is estimating the weight of its prey.”
After listening to the doctor’s explanation, Insua was extremely worried, she immediately transferred the python to the zoo and gave it to them to raise.
Pythons are cold-blooded, carnivorous animals. In the past, there have been many cases of pythons eating people that shocked and scared many people. Most recently, at the end of March, the people of Sulawesi island, Indonesia could not help but be shocked with the story of the python squeezing and swallowing a young man in its stomach.

3. A Czech man was ki.lled in a cage by his own lion.

According to AP, the incident happened in a village in the eastern Czech Republic. Police were called to Zdechov, where they found the body of a man in a cage with two lions. After assessing the situation with experts from a nearby zoo, police shot dead the 9-year-old lion who allegedly killed the man along with the lioness to recover the body.

Mr. Prasek was devoured by his own lion in a cage.

Police say the victim, 33-year-old Michal Prasek, is the owner of the two lions. Authorities said Mr Prasek had previously been denied a license to keep lions in captivity. However, this person still keeps 2 lions – bought in 2016 – for breeding. Mr. Prasek’s father was the first to see his son’s body in the cage. He told local media that it was locked from the inside. The World Organization for the Protection of Animals (WAP) advises people not to keep wild animals like lions as pets.
Well, after reading this article, do you have the courage to keep dangerous animals as pets? Let us know what you think!
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