Million Dollar Cars Destroyed Easily – How?

A car shredder (auto shredder) is an imperative downsize device in a vehicle recycling plant. A car shredding done right can effectively break down a car and later on ease the metal separation. The shredding process is usually comprised of 2 shredders from primary shredding to secondary shredding to fine shredding.
A vehicle shredder can process all kinds of scrap cars including motorcycles, bicycles, sedans, trucks, buses. Also it includes the following forms:

End-of-life car
Car wreck
Scrap car in briquette
Car bumper and all kinds of car components
Let’s start from the very beginning of car recycling.

Prior to car shredding, it is suggested to manual sorting to take out valuable and hard-to-shred components, for example, motors, gear reducers, and shafts. Next, a car baler can compress a whole car to a briquette to reduce volume. If not baled, it would take a longer time to shred.
Highlights of Car Shredder
An automobile shredder is usually a heavy-duty two shaft shredder. Its hydraulic drive produces super high power. The high-safety-ratio gear reducer transmits the high power into high-torque and low-speed motion. Very challenging materials like shafts and chassis may damage the blades, therefore our machines adopt an automatic reversing function during car shredding. Surface-hardened rotor and blades ensure each cross-cut excellently rip off the car into pieces.Need to mention that the blades are designed to replace easily. In the case of dull blades, the blade tips can be replaced as if plug-and-play.

Results from Car Shredding
Followed by fined shredding, the final output size can range from 40mm to 100mm. They are the proper size for metal separation (e.g. eddy current separator and magnetic separator).
After auto shredding, ferrous material and non-ferrous metals are valuable resources, for recycling in steel mills and foundries. Plastic waste from a car is a good plastic recycling business too.

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