‘Miracle’ Newborn Baby Weighing 0.8kg Can Still Survive

The baby boy was recently born weighing less than 1kg. The cause of this is believed to be due to the mother’s poor health, heavy bleeding that affects the fetus.
The baby’s mother, Li Xiongyan , 19, said: “Many people immediately advised me not to expect this baby to survive. The baby was only a tiny bit, not even as big as the palm of his hand. But you are still the hope of our whole family.”

Baby boy smaller than a palm

With a serious health condition, the boy was immediately transferred to Louxing People’s Hospital in Hunan Province.
The doctor who directly treated her recalled: “We received a lot of advice that we should not accept this case to avoid wasting money in vain. Everyone thinks that the baby is too small to be able to survive.”
As soon as the child was sent to the hospital, the child’s parents had to immediately leave the child to go to many places to find work, hoping to earn a lot of money to pay for the hospital. Even, my family had to spend all their savings, receive more support from neighbors and the government to spend all on treatment.
Fortunately, more than 3 months have passed, so far the boy’s health has made many positive developments. On 10/10, my weight was 3.19kg, a pretty safe number.
However, the hospital said that in the long run, the boy needs careful care and continued treatment to be completely healthy.
I am very well taken care of

Baby gradually gets better after more than 3 months of treatment

I weighed 3.19kg on 10/10

My parents couldn’t hold back their tears when they saw them again

You are the hope of the whole family.

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