Moments When Animals On The Football Field

Seeing a field invaded by animals is a usual sight if you’re strolling through the countryside. However, having animals invade a play on the soccer field is not something you see every day. In England, streakers, naked men or women, invading sports fields, has been popular for a long time now. Happy fans celebrating a goal or the championship of their beloved teams is a lot more popular than seeing an animal appear on the field to celebrate.
Having animals interrupt a play is not a common affair, but that doesn’t mean it never happens. It has actually occurred multiple times with a variety of different animals from dogs to roosters. The following article covers scenarios of animals that had invaded a soccer field. All the occurrences are pretty funny and enjoyable to watch, however, not all of them have a happy ending.

1. A Thrown Dog

A Thrown Dog
In Argentina, during a game between San Juan and Bella Vista, a dog entered the field. A player from the Bella Vista team, part of the losing team at this point who was unhappy about the interruption, caught the dog by the neck and tried to throw it over the fence. The player received a red card for his action. Not to worry though, the dog is fine!

2. A Llama As The Guest Of Honor

A Llama As The Guest Of Honor

In Bordeaux, France, a llama became very popular because it was seen walking around the city at night. In this story, the llama did not really stop the game, but he was an honorary guest of the League 1 team. The llama did a lap of honor on the field with the president of the club before kick off. The llama was not a lucky charm for the home team though because they were defeated 3-0 against Nantes.

3. A Dog Poops On The Field

A Dog Poops On The Field

Once again in Argentina, a dog entered the field during a game between River Plate and Rosario Central. He interrupted the game and was enjoying the attention until he walked over and pooped in the goalkeepers box. He then walks as if nothing happened. They try to usher the dog off the field, however he avoids all the advances playing a game of cat and mouse. The dog is eventually caught and carried off the field.

4. An Injured Owl

An Injured Owl

In Colombia, during a game between Atletico National and Deportivo Pereira, a player kicks an owl that was on the ground. At first, the owl was hit by the ball, then lying on the ground, a player kicks it to push it off the field. The owl was the emblem of the youngster team of the Atletico. The kick did not kill the owl instantly, but it died at the veterinary clinic later in the day.
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