Most Difficult Jobs That Pay Big Money!

If you feel that your job is bad because of low pay or boring, the information below may change your mind. Because somewhere, a lot of people are doing extremely difficult and dangerous jobs. For a living, they still try every day.

1. Manufacture of manhole covers for New York City

Manufacture of manhole covers for New York City

Men from India produce 2,750 manhole covers for New York City each year. This job is not easy because the temperature of the molten metal is usually 1,200 degrees Celsius – 1,400 degrees Celsius. In addition, the molten metal splashes can cause severe burns, which is why this is considered a of the most dangerous.

2. Sulfur mining in Indonesia, Kawah Ijen volcano

Sulfur mining in Indonesia, Kawah Ijen volcano

Kawah Ijen volcano located in Jawa has a height of 2,600 meters above sea level. Inside the volcano there is a sulfur lake. The sulfur mining workers here are usually locals, they do this dangerous work but do not have protective clothing or respirators. They mine sulfur day and night, using bare hands and a rudimentary breathing tube so as not to inhale harmful substances. Although the work is extremely dangerous, they only get paid about 5 USD per day.

3. Drain Cleaning, India

Drain Cleaning, India

Like Vietnam, the sewer system in India is also regularly cleaned by urban teams to avoid blockages. The workers work 12 hours a day and they have to work underneath a tunnel, breathing in the smell of waste. Workers also only use rudimentary picks and shovels or manually dredge the slime under the sewers. They only get about 5 USD a day.

4. Smell the bad smell under the arm

Smell the bad smell under the arm

These are professionals who work at companies that manufacture deodorants. Scent researchers had to give volunteers test products and then sniff them under their armpits to gauge how well the scent would last throughout the day.

5. Diamond Mining, Sierra Leone

Diamond Mining, Sierra Leone

Diamond mining in Sierra Leone is a dirty industry. The total value of diamonds mined in the country is reported to be $320 million, but workers receive little. Kono County, home to about 250,000 diamond miners, is one of the poorest in the country.

6. Salt Mining, Ethiopia

Salt Mining, Ethiopia

In the “pan” of the Danakil desert, arguably the hottest and most inhospitable in the world, you’ll find the Afar people known for their extraordinary endurance. One of their traditional occupations is salt mining. This job forces them to work where temperatures can reach up to 125 degrees Fahrenheit (more than 51 degrees Celsius).
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