India’s Scariest Meat Market!! Rats, Cats, Dogs And More In Nagaland!!

Well, have you ever imagined a market that has all you need? Especially in terms of cuisine. So I would like to introduce to you, that is Nagaland’s market. The wet markets in Nagaland’s villages and towns are famous for being brimming with exotic wildlife, from venison to pythons/reptiles and lizards, toads, insects, worms, parasites, guinea pigs , rats, birds and their nests, as well as their nests; and man’s best friend: the dog. If you like to eat delicious foods from animals and insects, then perhaps this article is for you!

Dog meat is one of the popular dishes here

The Nagas eat anything that moves

They do not even spare insects and worms. But what they relish most is the meat of wild animals. Warriors as they are by nature, the Nagas love hunting, and the meat of wild animals fills them with great delight.
Rice is their staple food, which is taken with meat. The meat is mostly pork, beef and chicken, but it can also be snakes, snails, rats, squirrels, dogs, cats, spiders, monkeys, bee larvae, red ants, and almost everything that is wild. Elephants included. No part of an animal is wasted — even blood, skin and intestines are eaten. Occasionally, however, they let the skin be, and use it to make shields.

Even monkeys are one of them

They have feasts throughout the year and no festivity is complete without meat. They rear pigs, dogs, cats, chickens and buffaloes but the meat of wild animals is always preferred.Hunting is something the Nagas have practiced for ages and it’s a matter of pride for a hunter if he has the highest number of kills.

Nagaland market is full of animal and insect meat

The ‘Wednesday Bazaar’ in Dimapur is very dear to these tribals for the array of animals, insects and worms sold here. A dog is sold (alive) for Rs500-Rs600. Frogs and (river) snails cost Rs200-Rs250 a kg. The river snails, which are very small in size, are cooked with ‘daal’ and sucked. The bazaar teems with customers every week. The sellers are mostly locals and they deal in local fruits, animals, insects, worms, vegetables, traditional utensils, garments, ornaments, handicraft items, etc. Nagas from all walks of life — some from remote areas — come here for shopping.

They believe that the meat of animals can cure diseases

They believe that the meat of animals is a panacea that can cure all diseases

The Nagas also believe that the meat of wild animals, insects and worms can cure a number of diseases. Frog, snails and bee larvae are eaten when one is injured (believed to quicken the healing of skin and bones), local chickens and legs of pigs are eaten during pregnancy, and dog meat is believed to be a cure for pneumonia. Monkey meat gives one quick relief from extreme physical weakness or lethargy. The marrows of stags and wild goats are believed to heal fractured bones faster, and an earthworm is taken to neutralise the venom of a snake bite.
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