Newborn Baby Girl Has Only Half A Heart

Sienna Alfonso was born with only half a heart but miraculously survived. The girl had to rely on the support of a breathing tube and was carefully cared for by doctors.

Sienna was born with tricuspid atresia of the heart

Francesca, 18 years old – the baby’s mother shared in sadness when she learned of her daughter’s critical condition. At birth, this baby weighed 2.1kg and spent 8 hours of being born extremely hard. Currently, doctors are waiting for her to grow to about 2.7kg so that she can perform surgery. However, the chance of success is only 50-50.
The young mother said: ” I can’t believe she’s finally here and healthy. That’s the miracle. I silently thank those who prayed for her .”
Francesca, from Hunts Cross, Merseyside learned her daughter’s condition at 20 weeks of pregnancy. This is a rare congenital heart disease with symptoms of tricuspid valve atrophy. It means that Sienna lacks the right atrioventricular node or right ventricle leading to abnormal cardiac circulation.
The little girl is in special care to wait for the surgery time

Francesca’s mother Lindsey Bertenshaw added: ‘ Basically the left side of the heart was formed while the right side was absent. When Sienna weighs 2.7kg she will be transferred to Alder Hey Hospital where a team of cardiologists will assess her condition to determine what they can do .
Despite the precarious success rate, Francesca and her boyfriend Kyle still have a positive mindset. “ Sienna seems to be very strong. She’s resilient and you wouldn’t know by looking at her that she was in critical condition. She is our miracle .”
Although the chance of survival is slim, the family is still waiting for a miracle
If there is a chance of survival, Sienna will need another operation at 5 months old and at 4 years old she will also need surgery. When she is older, she will receive a heart transplant.

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