Number 4 Death Trap Is Really Cruel

Trapping is a consistent way to catch small game such as rats, squerills, and other rodents in the wilderness. Traps can initially be time consuming to construct, but once they are built you only have to check them once to twice a day to add fresh bait. Effectively using traps is a skill set that can take years to perfect. When building a Figure 4 Deadfall Trap it helps to camofluage the trap with natural materials like grass and sticks.

Paiute Deadfall Trap

What is Figure 4 Deadfall Trap?
A deadfall is a trap designed to crush the target animal. Tricky to carve, the Figure 4 Deadfallhas bested more than a few would-be trappers. But, on the bright side, you only need the deadfall weight, three sticks and some bait. A rock works best for the weight, and it should have a square edge on it so that it stably sits on the ground. The three sticks should be perfectly straight, and about the same diameter and length. Finger-thick and one-foot long will work for most deadfall triggers.
3 sticks used to make traps

How to make a trap
Carve a flat screwdriver point on one stick, which will become your vertical post. Carve another screwdriver point on one end of a stick and a notch near the opposite end. This will be your diagonal stick. Carve a notch at one end of the third stick, and make a point with the opposite end to receive bait. Now comes the tricky carpentry. Lay out the sticks to make a “number 4” shape. Square up the vertical post and cut a notch on the horizontal bait stick so that it catches the square edge you carved on the post. Now try to put all three sticks together so that the notches catch each other and hold up the deadfall weight. If it doesn’t hold, re-carve any spots that won’t hold. If it does work, bait the trap and put it to work.
Trap complete

Small animals are very skiddish and will avoid things that look man made or unatural. In most cases though, the allure of a tasty treat like peanut butter will be too much for the animal to resist. In fact, they #1 food item to carry into the woods is peanut better because it’s high in fat, calories, tastes great, and works amazing for animal bait. When building traps make sure to disguise the scent on your hand so the animal isn’t tipped off.
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