The Factory Produces Millions Of Steel Drum

Whether you manufacture steel drums for food processing, pharmaceutical or petrochemical purposes, you need a high performance production line. Thus you can ensure good productivity and a high quality result.
Different speed steel drum production lines. High speed steel drum production line can manufacture 7-10 steel barrels per minute. On the other hand, middle speed steel barrel production line is capable to produce 5-7 drums per minute. Finally, low speed steel barrel production line is suitable for 1 to 5 drums per minute. However, the technical processes and the production principles are almost same in all lines.

The standard steel drum production line includes the following equipment:

– Material preparation line. This line includes the decoiler, straightener feeder and cut to length line. They get a blank sheet material at this stage directly from the coil.
– Steel barrel body forming line. Main part of this line are the flanging Machine, vertical beading machine and drum seaming unit.
– Barrel bottom and barrel lids production line. The part of the line produces the drum ends and lids from the sheet material.
– Bareel Sealing & Painting line. The line ends with the painting process. Alternatively, they can include the curing oven, as per customer requirement.

Steel drum

Steel drum manufacturing process

1. Forming

Plastic forming method is used to steel drum production. Good quality and high strength work pieces are produced with plastic forming method. The method provides less material consumption and high productivity.
In plastic forming metals are shaped with exterior force. The method gives quality outputs and high performance.
Cutting processes include sheet metal cutting, drum lid punching, blanking and tapping. The process is same as the ordinary cutting process.
Roll forming process is special method for steel drum. It is only used steel drum body manufacturing. The steel body is hold on the mold, the roller bends and reinforce. W shape forming and curling.


2. Welding

The drum body is welded with seam welding machine. The seam welding is continuous welding. This method uses electrode wheels. Seam welding produces a weld at the faying surfaces of two similar metals. It is mostly an automatic process. The electrodes are often disc shapes and rotate as the material passes between them. The electrodes can move materials.
Joint of the material is heated to its melting point by current. The semi-molten surfaces are pressed by the welding pressure and resulting in a uniformly welded structure. Seam welder machines mostly use water cooling. Seam welding produces an extremely durable weld. Seam welding machines use to steel drum body manufacturing.


3. Coating and painting

Coating and painting process are done after the formation steel drums. The main purposes of the processes are aesthetic and to provide resistance to corrosion. Cleaning operation is in on coating process. Forming and welding processes must be finished to start coating and painting.
The drums are rotated in the painting booth in horizontal position during spraying. The drums are passed through a flash off unit and the curing oven that is designed for a drying time and temperature of tender document. The drums are passed through a flash off unit and the curing oven that is designed for a drying time and temperature of tender document. Drums are transported with conveyors. After completed the steel drum is moistened, dried and printed. Letter/number characters indicating type, code and batch number can printed by inkjet printer according to manufacturer’s request.

Coating and painting

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