Savage Moments Of Raccoons Kɪʟʟɪпɡ Animals Mercilessly

Raccoons are commonly found in North America, and they’re regarded as pests for a good reasons. Raccoons are experts at killing small animals and birds and stealing pet meals. They are quite dangerous since they are armed with sharp claws and teeth and use them to fight anyone who enters their territory.

1. Raccoon attack in Richmond left toy poodle with 23 wounds

Pet owner Angela Cao is still shaken after her four-year-old toy poodle, Moose, was attacked by two raccoons in her Steveston backyard.
Cao said she had let her dog out to use the “little dog’s room” when two raccoons “came out of nowhere,” jumped on him and began biting, leaving him with 23 puncture wounds.
Moose is now resting at home with a cone and a shaved body after going through major surgery.

Four-year-old Moose suffered from 23 wounds after two raccoons’ attack.

“I ran out to my backyard as soon as I heard Moose whining,” Cao recalled. After seeing what was happening, Cao ran back in the house and grabbed a dining chair in an attempt to separate her dog from the raccoons. Her intervention worked, but suddenly the raccoons started attacking Cao.
“After seeing I was in danger, Moose came out again to save me, even though he was badly wounded,” said Cao, whose voice was quivering at the memory.
Cao then grabbed an outdoor light and threw it at the raccoons, who were finally scared out of the yard.

2. Raccoon attacks eagle fledgling in nest

Raccoon attacks eagle

A raccoon scaling to the top of the nest tree and grabbing the older, larger of the two eaglets from the nest around 7 p.m. The nest itself sits 57 feet above the ground. It takes one ballsy mesopredator to climb almost six stories to infiltrate a bald eagle nest. But raccoons are built to climb and scrap.
While raccoons are among the most likely mammalian predators of eagles, eagles also prey on raccoons. In fact, only a few days before, the live feed captures the mother eagle delivering a very young raccoon to the nest for food for the eaglets. It’s a fascinating paradox of nature where predator is prey and prey is predator; a food chain with a loop.

3. Raccoon battles iguana in gory fight to the death

Raccoon kill iguana

A daytime, parking-lot brawl between an opportunistic raccoon and a green iguana is just about as juicy as urban-animal showdowns get. A raccoon chasing down and tackling an iguana in the middle of a busy parking lot. After pinning its prey, the raccoon pauses for a moment before dragging the iguana between two parked cars, leaving nothing behind but the lizard’s still-twitching tail as evidence of the incident.
It’s a startling display of urban-raccoon opportunism.

4. Raccoon holds its own against ninja bobcat with insane quickness

You would think a predator like a bobcat would be able to handle itself just fine and even take down a few raccoons. I mean, there’s not much of a size difference between the two, but the old trash panda doesn’t seem like a good match-up for a bobcat.
What do I know though? Clearly, the raccoon can hold its own against this beast of a kitty.

Raccoon attacks bobcat

The two have an intense stare down in a person’s backyard. The raccoon circles around, not breaking eye contact and finally… the bobcat attacks.
The raccoon doesn’t back of an inch and gives it right back to the bobcat, which you can tell he wasn’t expecting. The two go back and forth, with the bobcat using its ninja-like agility to strike and evade, almost simultaneously. It’s insane how quick it is…
They tangle until the bobcat turns to run away, with the raccoon right on its tail. The bobcat circles back but the raccoon chases it right out the yard, making sure it knew who was boss of the back yard.
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