Stone Fish Trap – Simple Diy Trap

Let’s learn about Stone fish traps

Stone fish traps are among the most ancient of structural harvesting techniques. The fact that the oldest known manmade structure on the planet is a fish trap should tell you something about their ability to provide protein. A series of hand laid stone barriers and ponds have been dated back to a period of 40,000 years ago.

Stone Fish Traps primitive times

Principle of operation of traps

River weirs or traps require shallow water. If a shallow stretch of river occurs, you might as well make the best of it. Stone fish traps come in different types and styles.
Designed to take advantage of the daily changing tides, with this trap it is easy to see how fish coming ashore with the rising tide are funnelled into the catch area and can be much more easily be harvested as the water recedes. It is only necessary to visit the stone trap at specific times of the day to take advantage of it’s working.

This man completed the Stone Fish Traps

The stones form a broad walkway over a meter wide and can handle the daily tide change and even heavy seas. Fish enter from the upstream side and are funnelled down into the narrow catchment area to the left or downstream end of the trap. Using moving water to assist in concentrating fish numbers into smaller areas or to strand them completely makes it far easier to harvest them. All that is required is access to shallow stretches of water or tidal flats and portable stones.

Surprised with the number of fish caught in the trap

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