Strangest Things Found Inside Snakes

Just as the eyes are the windows to the soul, you could say that the mouth is the entrance to our bowel. Basically, whatever passes through our mouths ends up in our stomachs and most times leaves through the exit at the other end. However, there are times that we ingest things that are not particularly to be ingested and this results in major issues. Animals have it a bit worse. Most animals possess a sixth sense, they are able to sense when there’s an imminent danger. However, the animals on this list either didn’t care about the danger or simply didn’t see it coming. Here’s our are weirdest things ever found inside snake.

1. Cobra Accidentally Swallows A Plastic Bottle In Goa, Villagers Look On As It Spits It Out

Cobra Accidentally Swallows A Plastic Bottle

The use of plastic products dominates our daily lives, however, this ‘glorious’ item we think is time and energy saving, is not just polluting the environment but is also confusing animals. Plastic has pushed several animals to the brink of extinction. Many animals die after ingesting it or becoming entangled in plastic waste.
A shocking video, which was shot in Goa, India, shows a Cobra struggling to spit out a plastic bottle that it accidentally swallowed.
Wildlife rescuer Goutham Bhagat said: ‘When I saw the snake with a bulge in its stomach. I thought the cobra must have swallowed something big that it was not able to digest. But I didn’t have an idea that it would would spit out an empty soft drinks bottle.’
Villagers think that the poor snake must have confused the bottle to a rodent and swallowed it.

2. Did a Snake Swallow an AK-47?

A picture supposedly showing a snake after it swallowed an AK-47 is frequently circulated on social media. But this is not a genuine photograph of such a snake.

Did a Snake Swallow an AK-47?

One of the first things we look for when examining a potentially doctored picture is for additional pictures that show the scene from other angles. If a picture has been photoshopped, it’s unlikely you’ll find multiple pictures of the object from different angles. Surprisingly, we found an additional photograph of this SnAK-47, which indicates that this is a physical object, not a digitally created one:
While these pictures appear to document a physical object, this “snake” is not real. For one, it seems unlikely that a snake’s body would wrap so tightly around the angular shape of this gun. If a snake did eat an AK-47, its body would stretch from one protuberance to another, creating a more rounded shape.
So if this picture isn’t photoshopped, and if this physical object isn’t a real snake, what exactly does it show?
It shows art work created by Vasily Slonov, a Russian political artist, called “Python-AK.” According to, this art is made of rubber and was created in 2019.

3. Incredible moment a vet pulls a beach towel from the throat of a python called ‘Monty’

A vet pulls a beach towel from the throat of a python called ‘Monty’

A vet filmed the moment she managed to pull a beach towel from the stomach of a three-metre long jungle carpet python.
Monty an 18-year-old snake was rushed to the Small Animal Specialist Hospital in Sydney’s north-west last week after her family caught her devouring the towel.
An endoscope was placed down the snake’s mouth before vets used long forceps to pull the towel out – which was still completely intact.’

The towel after taking it out from the snake’s belly

Once we had a good grip, the towel was able to be carefully removed from the gastrointestinal tract with endoscopic guidance,’ the Small Animal Specialist Hospital wrote on Facebook. ‘It was smiles all round and we’re happy to report that both Monty and the beach towel have lived to see another day!’
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