Surprised! A Man Caught A Lot Of Frogs On Dry Ground In The Field

In March, the rice fields have begun to ripen so people goes to harvest rice. Usually before the grain is firm, people remove the water from the field so that the rice can be easily harvested when the field is dry.

In the countryside, after harvesting summer-autumn rice is the time when most people catch frogs. At this time, the rice is done, the field is left empty to wait for the next crop. In addition, this is also the time of a lot of rain, in the season of “pairing” frogs, so each child is big, with one as big as a hand.

Catching frogs in the drought season, people just need to glance at the field to know where there are more or less frogs that they can catch. The easiest to catch is when the field has just dried up, the ground is floating. Frogs often live in crab burrows on the edge of a field under the wind or in lowland areas where shrimp and fish gather to be an abundant source of food for frogs during drought. The frog came to the field to live in the crab’s burrow.

The water is gradually drying up, insects such as grasshoppers, locusts … snails, small fish such as cod fish, commercial fish … bask in the small remaining water boxes under the rice roots. The frogs from the ditches, the lakeside … “march” back to the fields to eat freely, full of delicious and nutritious dishes. Enjoying these “given” dishes easily, the frogs forgot the “way back and forth”, staying in temporary caves made on the banks and fields. Therefore, when people harvest rice, they often catch round fat “frogs”.

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