The 20-year-old Girl Gave Birth Twice In Just 7 Months

On March 23 last year, 20-year-old waitress Leah Baverstock officially became a mother when her first son Adam was born. The baby was born 2 months premature. When Adam was seven weeks old, Leah began to take an interest in motherhood.

This is also the time when she feels physically tired, but just thinks it’s normal because she just gave birth not long ago. But in fact, she was already two weeks pregnant by then. As a result, on October 29, Leacy was born, 3 months premature. So in just 7 months and 6 days, Leah gave birth to two children.

Leah Baverstock said: ‘I can’t believe I’m pregnant again just five weeks after giving birth to Adam. I was in shock for a while. Leah’s 25-year-old boyfriend left her after finding out she was pregnant. Later, Leah started a relationship with a new boyfriend, who stood by her side even though the child in Leah’s belly was not related to him.

They quickly moved in together. Baby Adam was born soon after. The couple wanted to have children of their own so did not use contraception. The two had never expected that Leah would get pregnant so quickly. But then before baby girl Lacey was born, her new boyfriend also left her.
Leah had wished to have a home with him but failed. Another happiness came to the young mother when Lacey was able to go home for the first time after nearly three months in intensive care in the hospital.

Baby Lacey has to stay in the hospital for 3 months

Now, Leah is back home and lives with her mother, 40-year-old Tina. To help her children and grandchildren, Tina quit her job. Leah proudly said that although she was scared when she was pregnant at the age of 18, she was also extremely happy because it was what she had always wanted. “It’s very special to have two babies born so close together.”
Leah and her son Adam at birth

Baby Adam is very zealous in taking care of his little sister. When Lacey cries, the boy will quickly come to her, eager to help her. Leah insists that she does not want to have more children and will use birth control long-term. Baby Lacey is still on a ventilator because her lungs are not fully developed, the problem of a hole in her heart and a stomach infection have been treated well.
Ultrasound results show that Leah is pregnant again

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