The Fierce Attacks Of The Hedgehog Covered With Spikes

Spiky spines cover a hedgehog’s body. If threatened, they can roll into a spiky, unappetizing ball that scares away most predators. This is how they spend most of their days sleeping, only waking up at night to go in search of food. If you want to see the whacky hedgehog in action, it’s time for me to stop talking and get started with the videos.

#Hedgehog Attacks Lizard

Hedgehog Attacks Lizard

In this extreme close-up, you can see how hedgehogs can be aggressive and deadly when they’re hungry. This hedgehog crushes a lizard so it can eat it. The lizard is turned into minced meat by the little guy. A hedgehog chases a lizard in its enclosure and it’s obvious it wants to eat the animal. It keeps biting the reptile, and all the reptile wants to do is escape, but it’s not going anywhere.

Hedgehog Attacks Lizard

This hedgehog is so happy to have found a nice meal that it decides to urinate while it’s eating. How sweet is that? Hedgehogs become versatile hunters at a young age, and you can see what I mean in this video, when this young hedgehog finds a lizard and begins to eat it alive. The hedgehog crushes the lizard’s head and munches on it as if it were a stick of celery. The hedgehog in this video is having a hard time grabbing this lizard. After a few attempts, he eventually kills and eats the reptile.

#Hedgehog Eating Pigeon

Hedgehog Eating Pigeon

A European hedgehog is seen attacking a feral pigeon in this video. As the hedgehog became aware of the presence of the person videotaping, it ran off about five yards, but then turned and waited. The bird was still alive, so the man grabbed a box and put it inside, well out of the hedgehog’s reach. The hedgehog came back looking for the pigeon several times. Pigeons are often killed by many different animals, but in our video today, the culprit is a hungry hedgehog, and he doesn’t waste any time digging through his meal.

Hedgehog Eating Pigeon

The hedgehog in this video has literally dug a hole into this pigeon’s back which you can see from this brilliant overhead view. It’s safe to say that the pigeon is dead after seeing this. Hedgehogs certainly eat birds, but whether they attack live birds is unclear. Whatever the deal is, it’s clear that the hedgehog in our video eats birds.
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