The Tragic End For The Cobra When It Intentionally Sprayed Venom On The Mongoose

The natural world contains many interesting things, snakes are dangerous and formidable animals, causing many species to stay away, including humans. There aren’t very many animals out there that could fight a king cobra and eat it for dinner, but a mongoose is one of them. The small mongoose is the nemesis of snakes, especially poisonous snakes like cobras, because it is immune to snake venom.

One of the reasons the two sides are prone to conflict

Mongoose vs snake

There is a reason why mongoose and Cobra are at loggerheads that is, as Wikipedia puts it, Mongoose can not be harmed by the venom of snakes because they have acetylcholine reactors like the receptors of snake so the snake neurotoxin bears no ill-effect on them. They are enemies because they both are powerful and one’s life depends on the Ԁᴇɑтһ of the other. Besides, Mongoose have a thick coat which makes the snake venom go futile too.
The common factor between Mongoose and Cobra is that they like the same meal and in pursuit to mark their territory over food, they try to dismiss each other hence the war. Driven by the conceit of power, none of them are ready to run away and make sure what they get, they deserve it.

Dramatic war begins!

The video captures a life-and-Ԁᴇɑтһ battlebattle between the two sworn enemies of snakes and mongooses in the wilderness. In this fight, either you win or you Ԁɪᴇ. As per the Darwinian theory, the fittest only survives and the weakest always disappear in oblivion.
In the arid grasslands of sub-Saharan Africa, a mongoose was on its way to hunt, fortunately, it spotted a snake in the distance, so it quickly approached its prey. It does not hesitate to approach and ɑттɑᴄᴋ, but the snake is not a gentle animal, it is ready to respond fiercely.

The eyes of the two enemies met!

The two animals played with each other for a long time, inconclusive. Despite taking the initiative to ɑттɑᴄᴋ, the mongoose still cannot quickly control its prey.
Fighting each other, regardless of victory or defeat.

In a frontal ɑттɑᴄᴋ, the mongoose performed a beautiful turn like a real dancer.
The mongoose performed a beautiful turn

Finally, after a fierce battle without end, the snake took the initiative to make a knock out that ended by rushing forward and biting the mongoose’s mouth.
Hit by a painful blow, the mongoose bounced back, taking advantage of the opportunity, the snake quickly left. The mongoose, with its natural immunity to snake venom, was certainly not affected by the ɑттɑᴄᴋ, but quickly gave up before a formidable opponent.
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Video source: ND Channel

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