The Weirdest Shops And Markets In The World You Won’t Believe Exist

A marketplace is where buying and selling take place – it can be anything from goods sold for daily needs, groceries to a household item like pieces of furniture. And that was normally we see and do in most places – in our own neighborhood.
However, in some countries, things are just weird than ever. People deals with unusual stuff that you will not find anywhere in common markets out there. What we are about to reveal here is quite bizarre that these people are doing to earn a decent living. Here’s the list of 5 unusual marketplaces from around the world!

#1 Gypsy Brides Market in Mogila

Gypsy Brides Market

Yes you heard it right it is a bride market and here one can buy bride by paying hefty amount. This market is held once in a year in Mogila, Bulgaria. Young girls visit this market in their finery, hoping to find a good and handsome husband. It is said that at this market the price of a young and beautiful woman is several thousand Euros. It is one of the weirdest markets.

#2 Witches’ Market, La Paz, Bolivia

Witches’ Market

Tucked away up on Cerro Cumbre, this market is the place for the capital’s witches, medicine women, folk doctors and astrologers to stock up on all the accoutrements of both the dark and light arts. From dried llama foetuses to bury under your house for good luck through to ceramic statues to improve your sex life, it’s all here, along with toads, owl feathers and stone amulets.

#3 Freitag’s Container Shop, Zurich, Switzerland

Freitag’s Container Shop

Enjoy recycling at its best in Switzerland’s Freitag’s Container Shop where used and rusty freight containers are put to good use by assembling them together and creating an 85 feet tall structure. The best part about this shopping complex is that it is not just built of recycled material but it also sells recycled and eco-friendly products like bags made of used truck tarpaulins, bicycle inner tubes, seat belts and airbags.

#4 Skuon Spider Market, Cambodia

Skuon Spider Market

The market town of Skuon, also known as Spiderville or Spider Town, has been filled with tarantulas for decades. Eating spiders became commonplace in the region during the famine of the 1970s. Locals deep-fry them, soak them in chilli oil and use them in fermenting rice wine.
For generations, local men have hunted palm-sized Thai zebra tarantulas in the surrounding jungles. Hawkers visit local villages and the nearby Phnom Penh to sell the creepy crawlies. The spiders have been used in traditional medicine and are believed by locals to be good for the lungs.

#5 The Maeklong Railway Market, Thailand

The Maeklong Railway Market

The Maeklong Railway market is located in Samut Songkhram province, around an hour south-west of Bangkok. The market existed before the railway, selling mainly fish. In 1905, a railway line was built to help deliver produce to the capital. The town’s market owners decided not to move, so the two parties learned to co-exist.
The market and railway line now occupy a small and congested alley, filled with fresh fruit, vegetables, seafood and clothing. Visitors come to witness market vendors pulling away their umbrella stalls as the train approaches. Goods displayed near the tracks are rolled back on wheeled tables. After the train passes, the market resumes activity.
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