The Worst Zoos On The Planet

Zoos are controversial institutions – they are supposed to be places of animal education and conservation, joyful places where you can take the kids for a worry-free day of fun. But all too often zoos around the world mistreat, even murder, the animals in their care. Here are the worst zoos in the world!

#1 Kebun Binatang Surabaya Zoo, Surabaya, Indonesia

Tigers lack food and have to stay in a cramped place

The Surabaya Zoo is one of the largest in all of South East Asia housing over 350 species over 37 acres. Sounds like plenty of room, right? However most of the animals are imprisoned in such tight cages or housed with so many other animals they can barely move. More than 200 pelicans inhabit the same enclosure and don’t have room to lift their wings. Tigers are only allowed to leave their small, dank concrete dens every three days.
In 2010, the Jakarta Post labeled it the ” Zoo of Ԁᴇɑтһ” after excessive number of animal causalities. That same year, the Forestry Ministry revoked the zoo’s license. In 2014, an 18-old month lion named Michael was found hanged to Ԁᴇɑтһ when his head became stuck in a metal cable. East Java Natural Resource Conservation Agency conducted an investigation that found zookeepers to blame for most of the abuse and Ԁᴇɑтһ. They found that zookeepers steal the meat meant for the animals and sell it on the black market, and that the animals are maltreated, unfed, and the cramped living conditions result in out-of-control breeding.

#2 Mumbai Zoo, India: Lets animals Ԁɪᴇ, then puts them on display as taxidermy

Mumbai zoo hopes its stuffed exhibits will keep drawing the crowds

Also called the Jijamata Udyan Zoo, this zoo is known for slowly becoming a taxidermy museum rather than a facility to care for animals. Because many of the zoo’s enclosures don’t conform to the country’s anti-cruelty guidelines, the zoo has been letting its animals Ԁɪᴇ and then stuffing them, creating taxidermy models for visitors to see instead of animals — including the last Siberian tiger in India. Not only do animal advocates oppose the miserable conditions the animals are kept in, they also say that stuffing animals encourages the illegal trade in animal skins and carcasses.
There are not many organizations working to save the Mumbai Zoo’s remaining animals, but you can look to PETA India and the Animal Welfare Board of India for more information.

#3 Giza Zoo, Egypt: Cramped conditions and refuses to exercise the captive animals

Animals must stay in cramped quarters and not exercise

The Giza Zoo has been targeted by activists for years for a plethora of animal welfare issues filmed on this disturbing footage. The animals live in cramped, dirty cages and get little exercise or enrichment and zookeepers reportedly charge visitors to enter the cages with the animals. Not bad enough? Dozens of animals have Ԁɪᴇd in questionable circumstances.

#4 Billionaire built a zoo for fun and then left

Bear is left sick and one of the lions is banging his head against the wall. It can be seen that the narrow living space with rusty iron cages has turned the majestic, majestic animals into very weak, sad and tragic.

Animals suffering from sores due to illness, foaming at the mouth due to lack of water and hunger are the reality inside the zoo in the city of Gyumri, Armenia. Owned by an Armenian politician, the zoo in the city of Gyumri is considered the saddest destination in the world because of images of sick and ailing animals.
At first, they were seen as entertainment for the politician to show off to his friends at parties, and he regularly opened the door to visitors. But one day, the billionaire suddenly disappeared, leaving hungry and bewildered animals, including 3 lions and 2 bears. Since then, the animals fell into starvation, lack of food, poor living conditions due to lack of care.
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