These Are Places You Should Never Swim!

Swimming is fun! Who doesn’t love swimming? It’s chilling & relaxing. But sometimes it’s not the calming experience you want it to be. Sometimes troubles surface in those waters… These are places you should never swim!

1. New Smyrna Beach, Florida

New Smyrna Beach, Florida

New Smyrna Beach in Volusia county is popular with surfers and tourists. The trouble is, it’s also popular with sharks. In recent times, it has gained a reputation as the ‘shark attack capital’ of the world. To venture into the warm waters here is to risk being bitten — or worse.
Numerous species have been spotted here — including great whites — and scientists estimate that anyone who has ever swam at New Smyrna has been within 10 feet of a shark. It’s a frightening thought, yet so good are the conditions here, surfers continue to come in numbers, taking their lives in their hands each time they enter the shimmering Florida waters.
Located just south of Daytona Beach, the sands are beautiful here and the climate perfect. But with this area leading the world in recorded shark bites for several years now, you might want to think twice about taking a dip. New Smyrna beach ranks amongst the deadliest beaches in the world.

2. Bubbly Creek, Chicago

Bubbly Creek, Chicago

It sounds rather quaint and charming, and like the perfect spot to take a dip. Yet Bubbly Creek is no place for swimming. Its fetid waters have been cleaned up in recent times, but such is the filth that underpins this grim river, you still shouldn’t think about venturing in.
The South Fork of the South Branch of the Chicago River, this was once an open sewer — close to the city’s great meatpacking district — where blood and entrails from the surrounding slaughterhouses were once dumped in vast quantities.
It was the gases that bubbled up from the decomposing animal remains that gave the waterway its name. Not so quaint and charming after all. Huge ‘sludge-bergs’ made from grease and chemicals once blocked the river, whilst methane and hydrogen sulfide made the smell unbearable.

3. The Boiling Lake, Dominica

The Boiling Lake, Dominica

Dominica’s Boiling Lake is a startling sight. Hot waters bubble, vapours hang in the air, whilst the curious struggle to keep a safe distance. Take our advice on this and don’t get too close. Lose your footing here and it could prove to be fatal.
Located in Morne Trois Pitons National Park, not far from Roseau, the Boiling Lake is, in fact, a flooded fumarole, an opening in the Earth’s crust that emits steam and gases from the molten lava below. Breathing in the gases can be dangerous, whilst entering the water is an obvious no-no, and this is no place to take a swim.
From time to time the water does cool, but don’t be fooled. The temperature here can rise in rapid fashion and, with the grey-blue waters having been known to reach close to 200 degrees Fahrenheit, taking a dip could have dire consequences.

4. The Amazon Basin, South America

The Amazon Basin, South America

There’s no shortage of water in the immense Amazon Basin. Swimming here, however, is not recommended. The dangers are countless. The mighty Amazon is regarded as the deadliest river on Earth and such a reputation is warranted.
Its brown waters are becoming increasingly polluted, with toxins from mining and other industries being dumped here. That isn’t the greatest threat, however. Natural dangers trump those man-made, with strong currents and fearsome creatures posing significant risks for anyone thinking about venturing in. You’ve heard about the piranhas, but arapaima — a huge carnivorous fish — can be even deadlier.
Not dangerous enough yet? What about the anacondas, leeches, electric eels, highly poisonous frogs and giant tarantulas that all make their homes here? Then it’s clear that this is no place to take a dip. With parasites present and danger at every turn, we recommend finding somewhere else to practice your river swimming.

5. Lake Victoria, Africa

Lake Victoria, Africa

Lake Victoria is vast, spanning 70,000-square kilometres, its banks straddling three different countries — Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. It’s also deadly. With around 5,000 people thought to perish in its waters each year, it is regarded as the most dangerous lake on the planet.
It might look tranquil, but think twice about taking a dip here. Countless swimmers underestimate Lake Victoria, and many pay the ultimate price. The problem here is the weather, which is unpredictable, erratic and prone to sudden change. The conditions might appear perfect, but the lake has its own micro-climate and the weather can deteriorate without warning.
Torrential rain, thunderstorms and freak waves are always a danger. Even on a boat, you’re far from safe, with innumerable fishermen drowning here on a regular basis, their vessels capsized and their efforts to stay afloat sadly in vain. The survival statistics here make for grim reading. Take our advice and don’t become part of them.
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