Do You Believe That? This Car Can Replace The Plow

Agriculture is one of the important and economy-based sectors in which various applications are performed. Land preparation is one of them, a foremost process of agriculture that ensures healthy cropping. This process is carried out on the farmland in preparation for cropping. This process, also known as tillage or cultivation, goes along with crop establishment as land preparation tools affect the ability of the crop to produce a good yield. And for performing this important farming process, farmers require an efficient machine that ensures high productivity.

#1 Lemken Melior

Lemken Melior

Lemken Melior is one of the best tools in land preparation for commercial farming. It comes with 2 variants named Melior 1/85 E and Melior 2/65 E. This land preparation equipment is used for improving soil quality. The model comes with a type of subsoiler, which helps to loosen the soil; also, it can reach 30 cm of depth. The weight is about 170 – 355 kg of this land preparation farm machinery. Along with this, it offers a suitable price range to farmers.

#2 John Deere Post Hole Digger

John Deere Post Hole Digger

John Deere Post Hole Digger comes with advanced features and smart functioning. These land preparation tools are efficient for thriving farming. Also, it has 4 variants named PD0709, PD0712 and others. The land preparation equipment length is about 1092 mm. It comes with a frame of heavy-duty rectangular pipe option. Easily equipped with tractor and weight of this land preparation machinery is 218 – 260 kg. Apart from all the features, this machinery for land preparation is offered an economical price range.

#3 Universal Mould Board Plough

Universal Mould Board Plough

The primary task of the plough is tillage which is used in heavy rain areas, where weeds are growing in ample amounts. The mouldboard plough helps to pulverise the soil, remove weeds and bury the soil beneath. The Universal Mould Board Plough also comes in a tillage category with 35-90 HP implement power that helps to mount with a tractor. It has a 1320 mm to 2440 mm length with 1110 mm to 1430 mm width and a total weight of 225 kg to 350 kg. The price of plough by Universal Mould Board is effective and affordable for the farmer’s budget.

#4 Sonalika MB PLOUGH (2 FURROW)

Sonalika MB PLOUGH

Sonalika MB PLOUGH (2 FURROW) is the best plough that directly mounted to the tractor. It also comes in the tillage category and 45-50 HP implement power, making it suitable to attach with a tractor. The Sonalika MB PLOUGH (2 FURROW) has a 1400 mm length, 1138 mm height and approx 500 kg weight. Therefore, the price of plough of Sonalika MB (2 FURROW) is convenient and fair for the farmer’s budget.

#5 Maschio Gaspardo Sumo 3 MB

Maschio Gaspardo Sumo 3 MB

Maschio Gaspardo Sumo 3 MB is a perfect tractor plough for productive farming purposes. It also comes in the tillage category with 75 – 100 HP implement power that makes it compatible with the tractor models. Moreover, the Maschio Gaspardo Sumo 3 MB is available at a reasonable price according to the farmer’s budget.
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