Top 10 Haunted Paintings That Are Locked Away

Most of these paintings are either hanging in galleries, or locked away. However, people claim that owning copies, prints, or even looking at them can cause uneasiness, feelings of being watched and inexplicable fear. Here are the pictures that are said to be the scariest in the world. Do you dare to look at them?

1. The Hands Resist Him

The Hands Resist Him

It came to be known as the ‘eBay Haunted Painting’, after the owners recounted paranormal experiences.
Said to have been responsible for the deaths of the art gallery owner and the first critic to review it, the painting popped up on eBay in 2000, for sale, where the owners revealed the boy getting out of the painting and the doll coming to life, all on camera!

2. The Crying Boy

The Crying Boy

The artist painted over 60 such works, all of which were said to attract fire.
People reported that the fires were caused by the paintings which always remained untarnished by the fire. Their houses burned down completely and in some cases, even family members were injured; but never the paintings. Firefighters who were sent on rescues to these houses all reported the same story.

3. The Dead Mother

The Dead Mother

People have reported shivering or screaming after having looked at the painting.
The painting is inspired from the death of the artist’s own mother, on account of Tuberculosis, when he was just 5-years-old. Aside from the fact that the painting is said to make people eerily uncomfortable, it has also been said that the eyes of the little girl follow you around and that you can hear Mother’s sheets rustle.

4. The Anguished Man

The Anguished Man

The artist painted this with his own blood. And upon completion, he committed suicide.
Somehow, the painting came into the possession of one certain, Sean Robinson’s grandmother who kept the painting hidden away for having been ‘evil’. Upon her death, the painting came to Robinson who documented the mishaps around the painting on video. Currently, the original painting is said to be locked away at a hidden location known to Robinson.

5. Love Letters’ Replica

Love Letters’ Replica

On display at the Driskill Hotel in Austin, Texas, the story behind the painting is unknown.
A U.S. Senator lost his 4-year-old daughter Samantha Houston after she fell down a flight of stairs, back in 1887, while this painting was on display. People believe that it is Houston’s ghost that occupies the painting. Onlookers at the hotel have claimed that the expression of the girl in the painting changes when you look away even for a second. Others reported seeing the apparition of a girl playing with a ball.

6. The Rain Woman

The Rain Woman

The artist revealed a strange feeling came over her while she was painting the woman. Having completed the painting in a mere 5 hours, the artist, Svetlana Telets, revealed a hand was guiding her. After completion, owners who bought this painting, returned it, almost immediately, after having reported insomnia, fear, unexplained sadness and even the feeling of being watched while in the vicinity of this painting.
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